Hammer on th rock…….

The basic purpose behind all the organized religions is not to harm  anyone.All the other rules,scriptures are then built up on this basic assumption.The basic purpose of authentic religion is to make you purposeless…..because a purpose is something to be achieved in future.When you run for a future,you are ignoring the present….you are wasting it in thinking,planning and all that.And authentic religion wants that everybody is aware…conscious…..living the present beautifully and blissfully…..as meditatively as possible.So,all the organized religions.to fulfill their purpose,give people rules….regulations,scriptures to follow…commandments to fulfill.And this is for sure that these rules are going to bring down your awareness.Because,if you have ready made rules,there is no role of your consciousness.For the centuries,these rules have made us rocks…..with crests over crests of ignorance.It is needed,that somewhere we stop and raise our consciousness.What is  needed is not rules but awareness……what is needed is hammer on the rock……







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