Pandit Anindo Chatarjee : Hats off to the Maestro

Tabla solo concerts are becoming rarer and rarer these days. I, being a young generation guy, am not blessed enough to attend a large number of Tabla i.e. Indian Drums Solo concerts. I miss those Lehras on Harmonium or Sarangi. I really wanted to feel that atmosphere, to feel that ambience.

Anindo Chatarjee

A tabla solo concert was arranged by a local Organization. Pandit Anindo Chatarjee was going to perform. I have heard many recordings which are made memorable by wonderful accompaniment of Pandit Anindo Chatarjee. I had a very hectic schedule and concert was late night one, but to listen to Pandit Anindo Chatarjee, I was in a position to do any compromise.

I reached the venue, got myself a front row ticket. The most striking thing about Pandit Anindo Chatarjee is, his humble nature and appearance. He could not resist praising the anchor and thanked him for his anchoring skills. He also felicitated the young Tabla maker form Pune who makes Tabla for Pandit Anindo Chatarjee. At the start of concert, he was interviewed by the anchor and Panditji spoke with affection and devotion about all masters who had taught him.

Actual concert began with Taal Roopak, a seven bit cycle. He was accompanied by a very beautiful Lehra on the Harmonium. It created the feel, the atmosphere. Slowly and gracefully, Anindo Chatarjee was performing; crowd was also getting absorbed in the rhythm. Pandit Anindo Chatarjee has a remarkable control, wonderful clarity, ultimate stability. Even at high speeds, we all were breathless, filled with awe while Panditji was exploring some of the most complex rhythmic patterns.

Then, Pandit Anindo Chatarjee played Teen Tala, a 16 bit cycle. He called upon stage his pupil, Shri. Kishor Pande to give him some practice and experience. This disciple of Panditji did show the entire crowd how excellent are his teaching skills. He presented very rare compositions right from Samata Prasad.

I loved this concert a lot. It was the first Tabla solo I attended and I was mesmerized by the performance. Hats off to Pandit Anindo Chatarjee, one of the greatest Tabla players of all the times. Thanks a lot Panditji for giving such a meditative performance. I hope you are coming soon to Pune!







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