Sadarangile Mohammadshah…….

This is a very wonderful story.The story about delicate relation between a king and a poet/musician.

Mohammad Shah,a Moghul Emperor ruled over India from1719 to 1748.Niyamat Khan was a composer and instrumentalist in his court.Mohammad Shah was a lover talent which Niyamat Khan had.Some day,something went wrong and Niyamat Khan was sent out from the court by his Lord Mohammad Shah.

So,Niyamat Khan left the kingdom and started living alone.Both were at loss.Niyamat Khan lost all his interest in music because his love for Mohammad Shah was the main thing which inspired him to compose.On the other hand,listening to Niyamat Khan was the one of the reason for which Mohammad Shah was alive.Now,both of them knew that it was impossible to live without each other but both were having there own egos.

After some time,Niyamat Khan found out a very clever way out of the situation.He compsed numerous Bandish or compositions praising Mohammad Shah with a pet name Sadarang.He himself taught various singers and artists these compositions and sent them to the court of Mohammad Shah.Mohammad Shah was too much happy after listening these compositions from frequently visiting artists.He was so much delighted that at the end,he himself sent invitation to this Sadarang and invited him to the court.After finding that Sadarang is no one but Niyamat Khan he was too happy and returned Sadarang all his titles.

What ever may be the story,but those compositions composed by Sadarang are precious…..beyond any value……it is the highest peak of talent.If arguments can result in such beautiful and lovely output,I am totally for them.This argument has helped the humanity a lot…….






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