Snake- Thread delusion: The game of Maya

The whole Hindu religion is based on the concept that, this world is Maya i.e. a delusion. To support this argument an example of thread-snake delusion was given. Suppose if a thread is there on the ground without ample lighting. In this case there will be delusion of what we call as Maya. You were deluded by the thread. So, these people say that whole world is like this delusion. The world is nothing but Maya or delusion.


I will like to put forward just one question- I agree that there was no snake, that it was a delusion; but what about the rope? It is there actually, in a real sense. Here, we should stop a while and find out what Maya actually means.

The world is not Maya. This world is not delusion. But yes, our mind creates the delusion. This mind is Maya. Our mind can never see the world the way it is. It sees the world the way it wants it to be. This creates the delusion, this creates the Maya. The world is real but it is our mind which draws out convenient meanings out of it. What is happening in the world is happening in the real sense, but mind creates delusion. It wants everything to happen according to its wishes, which is almost impossible. So, we try to project our wills on whatever is happening. This creates the delusion, this creates the Maya.

Snake- Thread delusion cannot be solved by saying that snake and thread are false or Maya. What is needed is to burn a candle and see the reality.





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