Something higher than money …

After many days, I am here with my family. I discuss a lot with my parents. The topics are many, covering almost any topic on the earth. While talking, we covered the topic of financial status of all the relatives we have. Most of them are crorepatis. My parents were talking about who is earning what and how lavishly someone lives.

I respect money, I need money, and also, I earn money. Money is needed but not at the cost of your being. The point which I raised was, though many out of us were earning in lots, only a very few of them have grown up in human aspects.

Birds gather food and strive for a secured nests. Animals also for the entire day go on hunting food and strive for a secured dwelling place. And, man also is doing the same. Money does not make man separate, distinct from animals. Do we have anything which makes us distinct from animals?

Someone might ask if something like this exists or not. The answer is, all of us encounter such persons who are more human than us. Many time we come across some persons who are living their life rather than just surviving. These people always tell me that do not compromise your being for money.

It is said that man constantly searches for unknown. I do not find this search for unknown any where. It seems, man has just sold away all his thirst, his wonder for the unknown, the explorer inside him for the sake of money. What we need to teach our children is, the fact that there is something higher than money. There is something which has to be found. Every child should be told that he is just a lump of clay, he has to shape himself.





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  1. Lokesh Walase Avatar
    Lokesh Walase

    I like this sentence : “… all of us encounter such persons who are more human than us” !!
    Nice article Mandar 🙂

  2. dakshayaniathalye Avatar

    money comes….. if it doesn’t come than it is not worth for you…. all that happens happens for good. I like that at least someone discusses these things….I feel better when I see someone living the same…..

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