Sorry, but I will serve myself…….

Yesterday’s story.Was finished with all of my books.Wanted something to read.Reading comes to be my first basic need.So hurriedly I rushed to Manney’s Booksellers, which is one of the most loved bookshop in Pune.As we were already late and shop was just going to close,I hurriedly picked up two books.One by Knut Hamsun and the other by Nikos Kazantzakis.Satisfied with the fact that I got what I wanted we left the shop.

Now it was time to fuel us up.It is my second basic need after reading-eating.We went to a very plush and very famous hotel just near the Manney’s.My friend was holding the books with him in a bag provided by the bookseller.At the entrance,there was a notice hanging-‘NO BAGS ALLOWED PLEASE CHEK IN IF YOU WANT TO GET INSIDE ANY.’Just after entering the hotel,we saw quite a descent man taking orders of the people sitting.Finding  no other person there we approached the gentleman requesting him to check us in along with the bag.Very hurriedly he snatched away the bag and asked us to take place and he rushed.Now I was worried.What was there in the bag that made the gentleman so excited?

We took a nice table.After a while the same person came to get order from us.I asked him did you check the bags? “Put the check in aside.I was curious to know what Manney’s books you boys got”.He just went through the book as if he was in love with them.Then he took the order and went away.

I was touched by the love for books by this ‘waiter man’.In short time came the order along with the same ‘Booklover Waiter’.”May I serve you Sir?”aksed the gentleman”.A teardrop rolled my eyes.I bent my head down so that no one should notice it.

“Sorry, but I will serve myself…” were the only words I could utter.






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