The Best Way to Deal With People Committing Mistakes

How do you react when people commit mistakes when you are in hurry? What could be the best way of dealing with them? Sharing this incidence which made me think on this.

While on our way to Mumbai, I and my wife decided to stop to have breakfast at an insanely famous fast food chain outlet. We were literally rushing to Mumbai as we had to finish some work and meet friends and relatives after that.

The purpose behind choosing this place to have breakfast was their efficient delivery system, which hardly takes a minute to deliver your order. As it was a morning time, there was little crowd and hence, most in-efficient staff in the store. Whenever I am in hurry, I try to go to the counter which seems to have most efficient person there. Unfortunately, we landed up so early that only one counter was open, with a newly joined girl standing behind.

As per my guess, my entire purpose to stop at that place was defeated. Firstly, the girl took the order wrongly which kept me away from getting a combo offer and hence, ultimately (after I noticed that the order was taken wrongly) I had to pay extra to get the stuff I wanted. We collected the food and started to finish it as soon as possible. Within seconds I realized that I was given something which I had not ordered. I had to go down and get a replacement.

Both I and my wife were observing the staff. What bothered us was not the fact that they were committing mistakes endlessly (which got me a free burger!), but the unwillingness which they had towards learning and not committing any more mistakes.

I never get angry when someone commits a mistake but lack of willingness to learn and improve disappoints me. It is quite common for us to shout at waiters and maids who don’t do their work properly or within time but we never think of what can lit within people the urge to learn and progress.

On the similar note, when we commit mistakes, we tend to blame it on someone else, not stretching ourselves to do things without committing mistakes. We all encounter people not so good at doing their work every now and then. We either shout at them or curse them silently. Do we even bother to encourage them to get better at what they do?

The girl at the counter who wrongly took the order, doesn’t deserve my anger. It was quite sad to see that she was not even keen to get better and avoid further mistakes. But still, the best thing which I could do was telling her a better way to do what she was doing and encouraging her to follow that way…







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    in fact u r speaking to your own rather learning to ur own and making yourself more soft

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