The Brick and the House

Can a house be robust if the bricks that build it are weak?

Yet, everyone is focused on building big structures and no one is concerned about the quality of bricks.

It is quality of each brick which determines the quality of house that is built using them. Yet, we postpone strengthening the bricks. I realized this while I was singing in front of Guruji. From my childhood, I never focused on quality of individual phrases that I used to sing. Instead, I somewhere felt that I can create a nice musical structure by arranging them nicely. Now, I realize the limitation of this thought. Unless each phrase is beautiful, the musical structure cannot go beyond a certain quality.

The same principal applies to everything in our lives. Each statement of an enchanting story has to be enchanting. Each dialogue of a mesmerizing speech has to be mesmerizing. This effort of improving polishing each phrase, each stroke, howsoever small it many be in the overall art piece makes art a meditation.

We are somehow hooked to numbers and magnificence and not enhancing even smallest of the components. That’s what stops us from creating wonderful piece of art. Observe a musical master piece of a great maestro or a wonderful painting to sculpture of any great artist. Every stroke is a master stroke and that’s what makes every the art piece unforgettable.

More or better? The choice is our!







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