The Fight Over The Temples

This is 21st century, best to my knowledge. A tons of issues are already there surrounding us, right from climate change to poverty to increasing violence. For past few days, one particular issue has bypassed all these ‘mundane’ issues and is on the top of the priority list.

‘Should women be allowed to enter that temple?’

I thought of raising a few questions on the issue.

  1. Why women are suddenly so interested to enter this temple and why were they not for so many years?
  2. The great Indian news channels, who are often neglecting the most important news, why are they giving so much of footage to this particular topic?
  3. Suppose, the women get the entry to the temples. How is it going to change their lives?
  4. Is it really proved that entering that temple works the way people believe it to be?
  5. Those who are stopping the women from entering the temple, do they know and can they write on stamp paper what harm women entering the temple will do?
  6. How much time collectively the ‘talented’ Indians (including me as I am writing this article) have wasted talking about this?

If we try to answer all these questions, we are bound to feel pity for ourselves. I am neither against of nor in the support of women entering the temple. I think, entering a stone temple is not that crucial event in our life. Honestly, the true temple which we should visit rests in our hearts and we hardly visit it.

temple heart

People with vested interests are being quite skillful at mixing the issues to fulfill political agenda. Here, they have mixed gender equality and religious sentiments to hammer a government which they are otherwise unable to argue with.

We are at a phase where really having a dialogue is most crucial for us. For long time, we have been listening to the false claims and hoaxes of people with vested interest. It is time to stop hearing the external noise and having a dialogue with yourself.

Why don’t you enter the temple of your heart? No one is prevented from entering there!






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