The Hindu Ungodliness

Religions as I think are the outcome of fear dwelling in the minds of human beings. Almost all of the religions have their basic foundations either in fear or in guilt. Hindu religion is also not an exception. The purpose of religions is to free man of all his fears. But what has taken birth out of fear itself can never take you beyond the fear.

The people of the old times were so much afraid and incapables that these religious people in their scriptures have written many things about bribing the God himself. I will quote here a Hindu couplet from a very famous scripture-

“Hey, you god of god, I invite you to enjoy the alcohol. Please be delighted when someone offers you the alcohol and take care that no calamity traps him in his entire life.”

So, this is my religion, which even talks about bribing the god. The Hindu religion is not the only religion, but almost all of them are outcome of human fear and insecurity.

The purpose of religion is to liberate man from fear, because, the one who is fearless can only be independent. If you are full of fear, you cant meditate, you cant be independent. The most shocking thing is that, even after knowing the meaning of these couplets, they are still sung in front of all Hindu gods. I cant imagine the pain and the suffering through which the Godliness must be going after watching all this Hindu Ungodliness.






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  1. S.R.Ayyangar Avatar

    Now I understand why in some village temples, Alcohol is also a part of

  2. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

    Yes…meat, alcohol these were the common offerings…just an effort to bribe Him….Forbidden things were made holy by bringing god in between…

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