The Sculptor

There was a very famous king living in the India. He had finest troop of artists with him and was very much in delight by the quality of these artists. He had finest singers, dancers, painters and yes, there was a very nice sculptor also with him. The king was always in wonders with the works of that sculptor. His art was of highest quality.

One day. The king asked the sculptor, “For me, you are the best sculptor in the world. I would like to know, who is considered as best sculptor by you.” The sculptor very humbly said, “The man, who taught me this is a sand sculptor and I can challenge, that he is the best one.” The king asked, “For which king he works? Perhaps I will offer him more money and we will bring him here.” Sculptor said, “Tomorrow we will go to meet him.”

The next day, both of them started their journey. They reached on a beach. On that beach, a sculptor was sculpting with the sand. He had made a divine piece of art. Tide came, and it was all gone. The sculptor again started to sculpt the sand. This was going for hours.

Finally king asked the sculptor, “What is the use, if such precious art is destroyed so much instantly? Come to my kingdom. I will set up a large art gallery for you. ” The sculptor said, “Everything is destroyed with the tide of time, then why to be get worried by such a small tide? This is only my art gallery. The whole existence is enjoying my art. ”

Without even saying a word, both king and his sculptor came back…..






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