what is morality?

Yesterday had an occasion of speaking in a competition which had its topic related to morality.As I had expected,no one including the judhe had understood what morality actually means.

To describe morality,i will take help of a very nice statement of Friedrich Nietzsche.Nietzsche says that human life is not a destination but rather it is a bridge.Human being is a social animal.So,it is obvious that  at a particular level of consciousness of society,some system is needed because humans being social animals,need some regulations to run the society and internal harmony.But the basic mistake is that we take it for granted that morality is something very old…..ancient….and most immoral thing is that growth of human consciousness is being stopped for these so called moral value.For me ,morality is something to regulate social  life of humans in accordance with the level of consciousness of society.So,I expect that morality should be changed according to human consciousness.

But what happens,is something very different.Socrates was killed because he was speaking something which was going against morality.No one thought against morality may mean something higher than morality also.So,I think this so called morality is the most immoral thing.

Our morality gives us only one way of coping up with our lust,greed,sloth.The way is repressing.As a result of this repressing,each and every human being is becoming just like a bulk of RDX which can explode at any time with any silly reason.These days,people are killing people for silly reasons…husband killing wife and children because he did not get breakfast on time.To what direction this morality is taking us?

I think this is the time.To stop and look at what we are,where our consciousness is,how it can be raised rather than boasting about our so called great,holy morality…..







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