Which is the real chaos?

Many people say that the world is in little chaos.I agree,that world is in little chaos but only apparently.Some people say that chaos started to reduce when people started following Chanakya instead of Gautam Buddha.The fact is that,chaos is started from that very point from where we cannot follow Buddha.We have to leave Buddha and follow Chanakya means that chaos is there.If there were no chaos,there would be no problem in kings following Buddha.But history says that the kings who followed Buddha were defeated.I agree that these days,a king should follow Chanakya rather than Buddha if he wants his kingdom to be in peace.But this very thing brings us to conclusion that the world is in chaos.

Chanakya was a very sharp intellectual.Buddha had nothing to do with intellect.He was a soul player.Some kings in later period tried to rule according to principles of Buddha and due to their compassionate views,were defeated and pulled into slavery.People say that we are in less chaos since kings started following Chanakya.I would like to say,that a king following Buddha goes in slavery itself means that chaos is there.Those who followed Chanakya transferred this chaos somewhere else………but,the chaos is there………..

I consider human beings something more than animals.People make misconceptions that if there is no war,life is stable.I,consider living as humans something more than just surviving or something much more profound than just vegetating.One of my blogger friend has said that it does not matter that we are losing our center but it is a good thing that we are living a safe life.I disagree.I can see the fact that though I am safe here,what is happening around,and I can surely say that we are in a chaos.

For me ,not having wars is not the peace.When I feel my center,I am at peace.Because,eternal peace is not something which can be created by outer conditions but something which you have to give birth within……







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