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Osho: Ahead of all the crackpots

Thanks to Mr. Rajinder Puri, I came to know one of the most interesting quotes I have ever read. The first person whose face flashed in front of my eyes when I read this quote for the first time was Osho. He is beyond that quote. The quote reads like this-

 ‘People who can see 10 years ahead of the present are called as leaders. Those who can see 20 years ahead, are visionaries. Those who can see 30 years ahead of the time, are called as crackpots.’

This comment was made keeping in mind the politicians around. I was just wondering, where does Osho fit in this scale? I think this scale is not long enough to map him. The reason is, Osho had an eternal vision, which is not just 30, 40 or even 100 years ahead of his time. He goes beyond that.

In general, as it can be seen, human race is very short sighted. Just look around and try to feel- what the most prominent worries of people around us are? Are they bothered about the status of humanity and this earth after ten, fifteen years? Or are they bothered about the value system in our society after 50 years? It is too much to expect them thinking about biodiversity and the humans inside the humans. Though it sounds very harsh, most of the human beings are bothered about availability of food the next day. As we know, many of us are bothered about clothes, perfumes, shoes, goggles and bikes and cell phones. Not all of us are so short sighted, as many of us keep on thinking about their second home or holiday home at Lonavala or somewhere else. The question which still remains is, how many of us think about future of not himself or herself, but of everyone together? I don’t think I need to tell the numbers.

The quote talks about politicians. We might have some politicians around who contemplate may be even 100 years ahead of the present times. How many of them think about a combined future of all the universal representatives? In the present times, we cannot manage with politicians who think of even all of the human race. We need to have leaders, visionaries and the crackpots who think about everyone present here- humans, animals, birds, rivers and many indirect parameters which influence our lives.

In this context, Osho had a complete vision. He thought not only about humans, but also about all the other factors mentioned above. What separates him from others is, he did not keep his wisdom only to himself. He tried that everyone becomes capable of having this vision. He never preached or lectured, he always gave us an opportunity to give birth to this vision inside all of us. Osho is ahead of all the crackpots. Where do our politicians stand?

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Author- Mandar Karanjkar


Osho: Do not wake up a slave!

Osho has quoted almost infinite number of saints and philosophers in his discourses. Apart from that, his readers can find many beautiful proverbs scattered in his discourses. Nothing remains in our hands other than wondering about his infinite stock of proverbs. More surprising is his selection of right proverbs at right moments. I remember many such proverbs, found in his discourses, which describe that particular given situation in the best possible way.

Today, I have one more such striking proverb for all the readers of this website. As Osho says, this is an Arabic proverb. The proverb is as follows-

Never wake up a slave, he might be enjoying freedom in his dreams. 

What makes this proverb very special is its relevance in today’s times. This Arabic proverb, though was commonly used in Arab regions, as I feel, is apt for all- on a global level. It stands out like a universal truth in any part of the world. Sadly, we are free only in our dreams. When we are awake, we are slaves- of our mind, of other people’s minds, of our desires and what not.

Giving this proverb a bit of thought will take us to this realization- we are slaves when we are awake. The thing is, we are not aware when we are awake. Just open eyes do not make someone awake. To be awake, one has to be aware. And as Osho says, only the aware ones can be free. Awareness brings freedom, everything else is slavery.

But, he also goes beyond this proverb. He says, it is absolutely important to get up. Freedom in dreams is not the freedom, it is phony and unreal. It is better to be an awake slave than a free person in the dreams. I agree with Osho entirely. Are we all free or slaves? Ask yourself. Yes, we know the answer!

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Discussions osho

discussion on ‘Osho is fraud or not’ with Nikhil Sheth

To get entire background of this dialogue, I would request readers to please read Following conversation which took place just before this…..

Later on, Nikhil Shteh voluntarily joins the discussion. What goes on is as follows…

Nikhil Sheth – and thats why I like people like Dnyaneshwar, Tilak, Tagore more than Rajnish and Maharshi’s…:) When you read the former, you wake up in the morning, work the whole day for real and speak in terms of tangibles for you and society.. when you read the later, you are in something confined for yourself, and selling something unknown, unknowable and unnecessary…:) Nishkam nantar, aadhi karmayog tari yeu de…:)
btw, Yashwant, people arrive at the similar conclusions treading different paths… but arrive all the same.. may be, Mandar needs some time and experience, no need talking to him. Let him reach there. No hurries. Everything needs certain maturity, some time. No use of feeding anything indigestible.8/4
Nikhil Sheth – 1. and yes, for faith you need no reason.. because absence of reason is what the faith is… right Mandar???
2. And of Nirvana, I dare you say you no nothing. For, there have been many bhondus everywhere in history.. Not a single unreasonable person left impact for long…
I would like you to call upon the reason behind the major hypothesis of reincarnation, and your belief in that which forms the platform for people to believe in Nirvana.
3. Citing many distinguished personalities, referring to their quotes and deeds – are you not trying to reason with something? Are you not trying to prove something to yourself/people? Why do you get hurt if someone calls Rajnish a bhondu? Is it not an ego of knowing something about something which some people out there no nothing of? Is it not your way of trying to prove the superiority? What does it cater?
4. How many hours you meditate?? How many books have you read?
So, Mandar, you believe io such kind of quantification? Even when you praise Kabira for being ‘enlightened’ without undergoing all kind of religious education, you want to know what have Yashwant read before considering him eligible to discuss the matter with you? You want to know how much he meditates in order to hold him equal of you?? If this is not ego then what is???

Earnest request. Dont try to refute my points simply finding out logical holes or posing counter-questions or citing eminent personalities. If you really have reasonable answers, please enlighten me..:)
And dont worry,.for I will not put all this on my blog which “really” has the readership of ‘thousands’ (it is my ego)8/4

mandar karanjkar – @ Nikhil:
1. Yes…absence of reason is trust… must meditate…you will get it 🙂 not a business of cheap guys….
2. You have poor knowledge of religion and the psychology beyond it…these all were toys….hope you donot understand 🙂
3.Yes…he was not a bhondu…then he was a bhondu, THEN BURN ALL THE SCRIPTURES, DECLARE ALL SAINTS AND GODS AS FRAUD 😀
4. Yes….meditation is needed….poor cheap guys believing in reasoning and all,,,,,religion isnot your cup of tea 🙂 you do study history…… 😉 just information, no transformation 😀
As far as my talking with Yashwant is concerened, I wanted to know this all to know from point he is speaking…many a times a beginner and an expert say same thing with drasticallt opposite reasons….I hope atleast Yashwant understands this….again, i hope, you do not 🙂
And I am going to post this also on my website…let people enjoy!!!
and yes, as far as defeting your points is concerned, none of them is yours…..borrowed information 🙂 🙂 copy paste job….. 🙂 its not even worth reading yaar….
i can also give you thousands od sites proving my point…..its just useless…..:)
i hope again you do not understand…….
🙂 take care!Edit8/4
mandar karanjkar – @ Nikhil, Yashwant : I find Yashwant genuine…..may be his experiences differ from mine…but i can sense what he is talking, is authentic……..he has really experienced what he says…..But you know Nikhil, what you say is Udhaar….i laugh when i see something marvelous like you… 🙂 life is still remaining…..go and read something, contemplate, meditate…… 🙂 you badly need it.. 🙂
@ Yashwant: I will not claim that I am at the end of journey…there may be many miles to go……let us see what it brings…..