Osho: Do not wake up a slave!

Osho has quoted almost infinite number of saints and philosophers in his discourses. Apart from that, his readers can find many beautiful proverbs scattered in his discourses. Nothing remains in our hands other than wondering about his infinite stock of proverbs. More surprising is his selection of right proverbs at right moments. I remember many such proverbs, found in his discourses, which describe that particular given situation in the best possible way.

Today, I have one more such striking proverb for all the readers of this website. As Osho says, this is an Arabic proverb. The proverb is as follows-

Never wake up a slave, he might be enjoying freedom in his dreams. 

What makes this proverb very special is its relevance in today’s times. This Arabic proverb, though was commonly used in Arab regions, as I feel, is apt for all- on a global level. It stands out like a universal truth in any part of the world. Sadly, we are free only in our dreams. When we are awake, we are slaves- of our mind, of other people’s minds, of our desires and what not.

Giving this proverb a bit of thought will take us to this realization- we are slaves when we are awake. The thing is, we are not aware when we are awake. Just open eyes do not make someone awake. To be awake, one has to be aware. And as Osho says, only the aware ones can be free. Awareness brings freedom, everything else is slavery.

But, he also goes beyond this proverb. He says, it is absolutely important to get up. Freedom in dreams is not the freedom, it is phony and unreal. It is better to be an awake slave than a free person in the dreams. I agree with Osho entirely. Are we all free or slaves? Ask yourself. Yes, we know the answer!

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3 responses to “Osho: Do not wake up a slave!”

  1. Lokesh Walase Avatar
    Lokesh Walase

    Nice one Mandar, liked it ! 🙂

    1. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

      Dear Lokesh,
      Thanks a lot for the comment!

  2. Rucha Avatar

    There I agree OSHO is a great writer. His life was an experiment in search of enlightenment and people who came in contact became the instruments of experimentation. Out of this experiment many great pearls he found which are available in writing. But one should always keep in mind that “PEOPLE NEVER LISTEN YOU OR READ YOUR THOUGHTS THEY OBSERVE YOU!”

    I have my parents with me because they did not blindly followed what he said or didn’t use each other or me as an instrument. They are not writers nor anything else for which anyone can call them great. But they are highest of all visionaries because they know our children are observing us… and every parent who is making a “good human being” who is compassionate and knows how to spread joy and not to use another person for selfish motive is ahead of all crackpots!

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