Anger is not the enemy

Man is generally full of sins. Most condemned sins of all these sins is, anger. Almost all of the religions try to somehow make  people free of this anger. Anger is considered as biggest sin because it appears the most. But, anger is not the real enemy. Then who is it?

Have you ever wondered, that only those persons who have ego problems are victim of anger. A person who does not have ego is rarely angry. Anger arises when our ego is hurt. Otherwise, there is no another reason for being angry.

This may sound a bit difficult to agree upon. But if we notice rightly, I am angry when someone insults me, my parents, my tradition, my religion, my god, my nation etc. All these things are associated with my ego.

So, wise masters have never worked directly on anger. They make disciple more and more submissive, acceptive to blow down this ego. Once this ego is taken care of, rest of the things are solved on their own. Anger or any other sin is not the enemy. Sometimes, even being angry is necessary and needed. So, there is nothing wrong with anger. Anger is not the enemy. Real problem is, ego!





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    Yes , agree completely…………..ego is indeed the only reason for many such sins/ undesirable things that we do !!!

    Again , nicely written Mandar……….!! :))

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