Are you a hollow glass of alcohol?

Today, while going through the website of The Economist, I came across a study conducted there. The study was done to find out the alcohol consumption trend for the last  few years.

The survey can be read here-

Alcohol Consumption Trends – The Economist


I was not at all interested in the interpretation of the data pulled out by the survey but  I was looking for comments from the people from the different parts of the world over the survey. And as I had expected, I found out some interesting comments lying at the bottom.

A poor reader commented that he never understood what people get from consuming alcohol. A rich reader responded that a poor person can never understand the magic of alcohol.

If you ask me, I would say, poor persons can only enjoy the alcohol. When I use word poor, I am not talking about financially poor people but psychologically poor people. Also, the term ‘enjoy alcohol’ is very decisive. Drinking alcohol in a modest way by those who really love the test is fine. When you drink alcohol to vomit out your psychological burdens and frustration, that’s really sad. For The Economist or any  other agency, it would be really difficult to map and analyze what people do after they drink alcohol. In my opinion, this is the key parameter which will measure the gravity of alcohol consumption and problems associated with it.

I see around many friends and for them alcohol is like a pressure release valve. They turn miserable if they do not get alcohol and they turn more when they get it. Are there any solutions over the situation? Of course yes; but who bothers about them?

I would rather say no one today has time for himself. Everyone has time for work, for roaming in malls without any purpose. What I find is, everyone is becoming hollower. Life has no purpose. I am not saying that life should have a jotted down purpose; you should be clear about what you want and what you will have to do in order to get it. You should have ability to choose the things needed, walk away from those things which are not needed. When this clarity is lost or rather not attained, a glass of alcohol comes to fill the hollowness.

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