Indian Classical music- The alcohol without alcohol

People are behind alcohol because it relieves. It relieves you of all your worries. Though this state is temporary, people starve for it. it is just like running behind the shadow. Alcohol creates the shadow and people run behind it.Duty of any art is to realize the  situation; to make people happy without deluding them.Indian Classical Music which can be called as Hindustani Music, I think is serving this purpose very well.

Arts also, most of the time, are used for the purpose of deluding. I accept that the performer performs it as a prayer but I doubt the feelings listeners. Most of them, they just come to listen cause it relieves them just as alcohol does. Music or rather any art is like alcohol. It takes you away from the reality. Indian Classical Music has immense potential of bringing you to the reality; many artists have almost realized themselves but the listeners, they miss the whole point.

The Divine Music

Any music has in it alcohol. Some types have it more some less. But they have it. All most all of the people listen music for this alcohol-which depending on the situation can boost you up, can calm you down, can take you to the eternal heights. The film songs or what we call as light music, is very very concentrated. Its like more alcohol and less water. It can very easily soothe you, it can very easily take you away from the situation.As far as Indian classical music is concerned, it is water….just water.Hindustani music has no alcohol. You can find at max a drop or two of alcohol in it. Just a drop, nothing more.

And the quantity of alcohol used shows the quality of the artists. The one who needs more alcohol to delude his crowd, is substandard. After listening to many artists you can easily find out these ‘Alcoholic’ artists which use it free handedly to just amuse people without much of efforts. In these famous musicians of India, there are some genuine artists, who have so much potential, that they just serve water and people are delighted. Delighted by the water….without a drop of alcohol. This joy is the bliss..The real bliss… Where you need no alcohol to be delighted. No false world is needed to be created to be happy. Where you can make merry putting your hands in the hands with the reality.



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