Are You Sensitive, In-sensitive or Partially Sensitive? Answering This Question Might Solve All the Problems That the Human Society Faces!

What it means to be ‘Partially Sensitive?’

As we are human beings, we are all supposed to be sensitive. May be to different extents, but without any doubt, we are all sensitive. There is a gross mistake in the way we look at sensitivity. Conventionally, a person is either considered to be sensitive or insensitive. What if I tell you that we all are partially sensitive?

Yesterday, I was in Mumbai to attend a concert along with my wife and a couple of friends. One of the friends is a vegan and advocates that everyone should be a vegan. He has a whole lot of scientific evidence and tons of data to prove how turning vegan is actually a good step towards cutting down the greenhouse gases. At the same time, he was also harping how cruel the people eating innocent animals are. I listened but whatever he said, did not touch me.

The same morning, I was enjoying my morning tea at this friend’s place when I came to know about the fateful event in Bangladesh where a few young students burned down the place where one of the most iconic musicians India has, Ustad Allauddin Khan lived. His rare pictures as well as the instruments on which the maestro used to practice were consumed by the fire. I was totally put off. The same friend of mine, was not touched even a bit by this event.

In the first incidence, I appear to be insensitive towards nature and the innocent animals while my friend appears to be sensitive. In the second incidence, I appear to be sensitive whereas my friend looks like a cold hearted being.

Are both of us sensitive or insensitive? The answer, according to me is, we both are partially sensitive. My friend is sensitive towards the earth, climate change and the eco system whereas I might be insensitive towards all these things, but I am quite sensitive towards music and musicians.


Seems as if the whole of humanity is partially sensitive. Each and every one of us is sensitive for certain things and every one of us is utter careless about things other than those.

Is this selective sensitivity of human beings cause of all the conflict that we see around us in the society?

Being sensitive solves many problems. Sensitivity significantly transforms the human relationship. Contradicting interests is probably the biggest cause of all human fights. Let it be the fight between communists and capitalists or the fight between the castes.

Sadly, we are all digging in the earth to reach the sky. Organisations, movements, agitations are hardly effective to solve the problems we see around in our societies. Yet, we keep on doing more of all this. In fact, we are doing it in a more sophisticated and explosive way using social media hoping that this would solve the problem quickly.

No. Without sensitivity, nothing happens. Anger multiplies the anger and hate multiplies the hate. It’s very simple calculation.

Being totally sensitive

Is it possible for one person to be totally sensitive? Is it within the human limits to be that way? Honestly, just like love, sensitivity is a human independent state. Just like love, sensitivity has no subject. Then what makes us partially sensitive? I we look at it carefully, our ego makes us sensitive towards the things that matter for us and totally blunt towards the things that do not matter or nourish our egos.

Total sensitivity comes from total loss of ego. Are we even trying to walk in this direction? Ahem, we know the answer.





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