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  • The Downside of Apps and On-Demand Economy

    I was in Hyderabad last week, sitting in my cab, insulated from the pollution all around me. The cab was air conditioned, had picked me up from a fancy apartment where we were staying and was supposed to drop me at the Salar Jung museum. Everything sounds great, except the fact that the Uber cab […]

  • The idea of Impact

    To define it is actually difficult to experience it is very easy and I say this from an experience. While speaking about social organizations we come across the tough question of measuring their impact. When faced by this question we discuss quantitative and qualitative parameters which can evaluate the work of the organization.  We also […]

  • Center of Decentralization

    We speak about decentralization and empowering multiple stake holders to enhance impact of any kind of work that we plan to do. We may be working in an office or in a village on a project. We keep saying that we need people to own processes, outcomes and impact. We also often find it difficult […]

  • Are You Sensitive, In-sensitive or Partially Sensitive? Answering This Question Might Solve All the Problems That the Human Society Faces!

    What it means to be ‘Partially Sensitive?’ As we are human beings, we are all supposed to be sensitive. May be to different extents, but without any doubt, we are all sensitive. There is a gross mistake in the way we look at sensitivity. Conventionally, a person is either considered to be sensitive or insensitive. […]

  • Can We Bring Back Peace By Destroying The Concept of God?

    Few days ago, I noticed a very reputed Marathi writer giving his opinion- peace cannot be achieved without destroying the devilish concept of ‘god’ which men have created. To make it simple, this highly acclaimed author claims that we will have to destroy the concept of god and then only we can attain peace. If […]

  • Freedom and Sensitivity: Two Values That Make Our Existence Meaningful

    After many days, I am successful at taking out some time to write. We need a whole lot of things to live our lives. We need followers, critics, praise, freedom, trust and many more things to live our life. What will happen if someone starts taking them out from your life one by one? I […]

  • What Will India Look Like in 2061?

    I came across an interesting book which compiles the views and thoughts of around 20 leaders from different fields about what India will look like in 2061. The people who have shared their thoughts are no ordinary people, but stalwarts from sectors as varied as education, retail, IT, communication, pharma etc. This book proved to […]

  • Angry humans and a dead dog

    Keeping your eyes open helps you a lot. When your eyes are open, you can find solutions everywhere around you. The world is flooded with the solutions. Only thing is, our eyes should be open to perceive them. Angry humans who are found all around is a big problem which we encounter everywhere. This problem […]

  • Trapped in emotions

    May it be rusty and old, Or made up of shining gold, Never be in a trap, Be alone and bold. We love freedom and on the other hand, we cannot afford to be free. Freedom gives you a vast sky to dance in. Freedom makes you responsible for your decisions. It is rare that […]

  • Justice- A brief look at the situation

    When any nation or any society is built up, one of the basic pillars is the justice. In other words, justice is one of the reasons for which nations are built up. It is a responsibility of nation that each and every individual gets the justice. Many thinkers have tried to define justice; so here […]