Angry humans and a dead dog

Keeping your eyes open helps you a lot. When your eyes are open, you can find solutions everywhere around you. The world is flooded with the solutions. Only thing is, our eyes should be open to perceive them.

Angry humans who are found all around is a big problem which we encounter everywhere. This problem is typically faced by middle class people who are flooded with anger but have no medium to express it. They are most of the times unable to be angry just because of limitations; limitations are infinite- financial, social, and political. Then there is another class of people in India. These people do not deserve the money or power which they have. These people are always throwing their anger on the poor helpless people who belong to middle class. Many times, an otherwise calm and silent person blasts out like a volcano collapsing under the burden of suppressed anger.

In India, you find such angry humans everywhere. They are present almost everywhere- in offices, on streets, inside shops, in colleges. We are flooded with these angry humans. I remember infinite moments when my teachers, parents, colleagues and yes also I were unable to handle this burden of suppressed anger.

Today, I witnessed a heated argument which took place in between one of such angry humans and a typical middle class humble man. The venue for this event was a petrol pump and the reason was delay in filling the petrol. Middle class man tried to argue with the angry fellow, without success. The end of conversation was middle class man silently slipping into his car and driving away and the angry man fuming and shouting.

I went ahead with my schedule and was having a walk after some time on same evening. As a habit, I was thinking about the serious problem of angry humans. I know, there is no other solution than being more meditative and aware and skeptical of self behavior. I also know, very few of us will give this problem due attention, unless they are victim of some serious disease or mental disorder. I was questioning, do we have a right to be talked with respect and dignity by others? Can anyone claim a right of being rude and disrespectful to someone over small or big issues? While going through all this brainstorming over the angry humans, I had walked quite a long and my steps were stopped by half rotten body of a dead dog. Eyes were squeezed and skull distorted. The dog might be a victim of middle class person who was in a hurry to rush to his office to avoid the anger of his boss. All was pulled out of my thoughts.

We are living in a human world where we talk about our dignity and respect, and see; thousands are dying under our cars. I am not talking only about dogs and cats but also about human beings. Here is a link from The Time Magazine which tells how hundreds of workers died like mice in a squeezed box.

Portraits of pain

The number of people dying because of lack of food, number of poor people who are being cheated, exploited is far more than our imagination.

We demand self respect and dignity. Do we spend some time to ensure that no one’s fundamental rights are getting hurt because of us?

For me, everything- the problem of angry humans and also the problem of maintaining self respect and dignity boils down to ego. We raise all the above issues when our ego gets hurt. If it is not, who bothers about an argument on a petrol pump and who has time for a poor dog squeezed under a car?






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  1. Snehal Avatar

    Nice article… we think abt dignity n respect..but how can we make a change?…it will remain just the we have any solution..? for controlling anger..? something for poor animal..??

    1. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

      Thanks for comment. There are solutions. We can see around saints who transformed their anger into love and compassion. If we decide to take this issue seriously, the solution is there!

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