Trapped in emotions

May it be rusty and old,

Or made up of shining gold,

Never be in a trap,

Be alone and bold.

We love freedom and on the other hand, we cannot afford to be free. Freedom gives you a vast sky to dance in. Freedom makes you responsible for your decisions. It is rare that someone gets freedom. It is even rarer that someone is happy with his freedom.

The human world of emotions is very delicate. It is full of warmth. It is full of love and care. But, humans while imposing their love, interfere in the freedom of the other person. The other person also, does not respect the individuality of the other person. Then, all our emotions become traps.

Emotions is the very identity of humans. Emotions give human what we call as humanity. Emotions give us urge to know things, emotions give us desire to go close to others, to understand others. Emotions are beautiful. But, we should really keep a watch on our emotions. A couple in my friends’ circle is fighting for four years. But they are not able to separate. They care for each other, they miss each other. But, when they are together, they fight. This is emotional trap. You cannot live alone and at the same time, you cannot live together also.

Today, we can find thousands of couples being trapped in these emotional trap. These emotional traps are deteriorated to such a low state because they are born out of insecurity, possession. We misunderstand them as love. But one thing to remember forever is that, love is never born out of insecurity. True love is never possessive.

The most saddening thing is that, in most of the cases, people know that they don’t love. People know that they are insecure and hence clinging to the relationship. Many a times, the fact is that people fear to live alone. So, they forcibly maintain the relationship even if they do not like the other person.

Today, it is need of time that all these dirty traps are broken and individuals are led free. In such a free society only one can discover his true love…..





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