Dohe of Kabir #4

साई इतना दिजीये, जा में कुटुम समाये

मै भी भूखा न रहू, साधू न भूखा जाय.

Gautam Buddha always used to tell people to follow a middle way. Pyrhagoras has also always spoken about golden means. Kabir too, is a golden mean. Kabir did all of his worldly duties. Kabir used to work for his bread. He raised his child, took care of his wife. He can very easily tell us what golden mean is.

These two lines of Kabir say, God, give only that much in which my family survives, I also eat and the saint within me also does not feel hungry. Kabir is asking us to feed both- the human in you, and also, god in you.

The man who only thinks of his worldly affairs never feeds saint inside him, the god inside him. This divine always remains hungry. Kabir takes care for both. For the human and also the divine.

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2 responses to “Dohe of Kabir #4”

  1. Mahesh Avatar

    I think he is asking for enough food for himself/family and for saints (any visitors probably) who has come to his home. Now a days we don’t see much bhikshuk but we know there were plenty of them.

    1. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

      Dear Mahesh,

      True, that is the apparent meaning. Considering the way of Kabir’s, it is possible that he has another hidden meaning.

      Thanks for dropping the comment!

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