Doubt kills everybody..

I remember a beautiful shloka from some ancient Sanskrit text today. Sanskrit language is probably one of the richest languages in the world. It has thousands of beautiful Shlokas which have enormous meaning hidden in them. The Shloka which I remember today also has a beautiful meaning and tells a universal eternal truth.

A fool, the one not having faith and one who doubts forever,

All these three will soon reach their end for sure!

Today, the word which catches my focus is doubt. Doubt is the most easily found of all these three. A person who has doubt in his mind is always burning. The doubt keeps him on fire. It does not allows the person to sit silently and rest. The person can never be at rest, can never be at peace.

A mind full of doubt is by all means engaged in verification. If verification is not done, it creates suspicion. It can be seen that many relationships were spoiled due to this doubt. It is one eternal truth about humans- Humans can blossom in the environment of absolute trust. Doubt takes away this environment.





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  1. dakshayani Avatar

    Its a mind game! doubt is related to mind…when you think,you obviously doubt and question. Feelings just ‘ARE’ they never ask a why or rather they never ask anything.

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