What should we expect from the Modi Government?

While writing this new article, I knew that it is going to be hit. Why is it so? Because we Indians are too good at expecting things from others. If you still believe that a government can save you without you being the part of the change, nothing is going to change.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Photo Credits- pmindia.nic.in
Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Photo Credits- pmindia.nic.in


You might be wondering, what made me choose this topic for the today’s post. I was staying with my relatives for last one week. All of them are well educated, highly qualified and responsible citizens of India. Could you guess the topics of the discussions these people had every day? It varied from should we cook one bowl of rice in 2 bowls of water or 4 bowls of water to how in America girls wear short pants. I could watch around 7 people passionately discussing such topics from morning to the evening and we are expecting a change. I was suddenly reminded of the college days- where everyone talks about nicest girls in the college and still expects to get an A+ in the exams.


I guess these 7 people mentioned above are just for the reference, similar is the story for all of us. Yes, we expect from everyone- from parents, teachers, friends, society and yes, the government. We might have different religions- Hindus, Muslims, Christians or whatever; our true religion is ‘expectant’.


I am pretty sure, that this post would not have got so many hits had it been titled as ‘what can we do to change India’. Sad, but true!


Is expecting wrong? Should we stop expecting? At least for our social lives, that would be suicidal. The whole society runs on expectations. The only problem is, we have a large number of persons who just expect and do nothing else. The remaining chunk of people expects a lot and does very less. A handful of people maintain the balance- of expecting and contributing. We have somehow embraced a lifestyle which demands all the comforts but is not ready to work hard for it. What do you expect from Modi Government? Jobs, development, subsidies…the list is ready in our heads. What do you expect from yourself? Well, we have never thought about that.


Osho says be a little selfish. I understand what he means by that- Instead of expecting from others, try to find out how can you contribute and be the beginning of the change.






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  1. Suyog Sarda Avatar
    Suyog Sarda

    We elect govt. so that it can provide basic facilities to us without much struggle so that we can divert our energy to more productive work. In a country where every day we (almost all) fight to earn our bread, butter and shelter, how can one expect to do lot more productive?? Why is it so that Indians like Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai, Indira Nooyi are heading big companies like Microsoft, Google, Pepsi, etc, but we don’t have one world known product company? Why do TATA’s earn 60% of revenue from abroad even though they employ 80% Indians?? This is because, our govt. doesn’t guarantee us enough security for our livelihood. Hence, we expect a lot more things from govt.

    It sounds philosophically good that one should instead think of what we can give to our country, but practical reality hits harder.

    1. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

      Dear Suyog,
      I agree with your point. But, this is a web site for personal improvement and hence our focus is only ‘improving the self’. As you have rightly said, it is philosophically good but practically not so easy. That’s true. Nothing which is revolutionary and game changer is easy to do. It doesn’t make sense if people just expect. Because, finally the leader is going to be one of them and when he is in his position, he will do same thing- expecting from others.

      The purpose of this post was make people realize- they also have to participate in the change.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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