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Mystics are playing important role of shaking and shocking people for thousands of years. I believe, human consciousness could evolve so fast because we had these mystics, who embraced the truth much ahead of others and tried their best to make others embrace it. On this page, I am sharing articles about various mystics, their anecdotes, their ways etc. If you want to suggest name of some mystic to be added to this section, do let me know!

icon_osho21. Osho

Osho is master of masters. My love with Osho stretches over years. Osho taught me many things and transformed me if I can say so. Please explore this section to read Osho jokes, his insights and articles about him.

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kabirround2. Kabir 

Kabir and his wonderful couplets carry endless beauty. Kabir is exceptional with his ability of stating truth in easiest possible way. Kabir was a mystic who made mysticism available to common man, put it in a language which can be understood by folks. Kabir section has many articles on Kabir and his Doha (couplets)

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J. Krishnamurti

3. J. Krishnamurti 

J. Krishnamurti is one of the India’s biggest gifts to the world. This low-profile mystic tried his best to wake up the masses. Please visit our J. Krishnamurti section to read more about J. Krishnamurti, his Teachings and his books.

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jkround4. Jagannath Kunte 

Jagannath Kunte is a contemporary whimsical mystic. He has completed the Narmada Parikrama for three times. Through his writings and his meetings with his disciples, he constantly helps them on their spiritual pursuits.

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