Jagannath Kunte

Out of all the persons I have seen, Jagganath Kunte is certainly the one who is closest to what we call as a Mystic. Jagannath Kunte is a contemporary saint, often called as ‘Kunte Swami’ by his disciples. Jagannath Kunte does not claim to be a mystic; he calls himself a Sadhak- a meditator.

The meeting and discussions which I had with him were provoking. I was also fortunate enough to arrange his talk in my college. I have read all of his books and they are all master pieces.

Jagannath Kunte keeps on changing his place; it is difficult to find him at one place.

I am sharing a few of articles which I have written about him. Please do read them and share your thoughts!

Jagannath Kunte : A Man Beyond Words 

Jagannath Kunte is not a Fraud : Article written by Mr. Kishor Joshi 

Book Review: Narmade Har Har 

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  1. NEHA KADAM Avatar

    i have read two books of Swami Jagannath Kunthe. Now I have a strong desire to have Swamiji’s darshan. Can I get any help in this.

    1. Santosh palve Avatar
      Santosh palve

      I too wish to meet swamiji. Is anyone help me with this. I will remained grateful forever for this. Please please help me

  2. Balkrishna Torne Avatar
    Balkrishna Torne

    I am interested in sadhna and dhyan, Can I meet any disciple of Jagannath Kunteji? My e mail is btorne@yahoo.co.in

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