Jagannath Kunte : A man beyond words

I do not know if I know this strange man jagannath Kunte in so much details so as to write an article about him. But, one thing is sure, he is not a man of this world. He is made up of different salt. Some different aura.

Jagannath Kunte

The first encounter I had with him when I was working as secretary of Philosophy Club. A lecture was to be arranged and I thought he was the best person we could invite. From somewhere i got his number and he answered the call. He came for the lecture without asking for even a single Rupee.

Later on, Jagannath Kunte was not at all a part of my life. I was quite buisy reading different books and other stuff. In last week, I again got a chance to meet him. I in the very first visit, bought all the six books written by him and to be honest, could not put down the first book Narmade Har Har and finished it hurriedly.

Apart from reading the books, I got opportunity to watch him from a closer distance. And, certainly, he is extra ordinary. His eyes are innocent and frank. His being is truthful. It confirms my belief that Swami jagannath Kunte is certainly not a man of this world.

I have read about many saints who were full of grace. After visiting Jagannath Kunte, I can say that I have seen one of them.



I kept on meeting Swami Jagannath Kunte after this meeting. I was fortunate enough to be able to meet him 4-5 times after that. In the consecutive meetings, he asked me to read all of his books, which I certainly did. Here is a post which I have written about his famous book, Narmade Har Har-

Narmade Har Har- Exceptional blend of mysticism and writing skills

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68 responses to “Jagannath Kunte : A man beyond words”

  1. rohit Avatar

    Dear Sir,
    Can u give me Contact details of Mr. Jagannath Kunte. I want to meet him.

  2. Prashant Bhamburkar Avatar
    Prashant Bhamburkar

    Please give me the contact details of Swamiji…………

  3. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

    PLease email me your mail id…he is not in pune now…when he will be in pune, i will let you know

    1. kalyani baldeo Avatar

      sir can u give me swamiji contact no? my mail id kalyanibaldeo@yahoo.com please gv me no pzzz

    2. kapil Avatar

      please mail me details of Swamiji on kapil.shelar79@gmail.com

  4. s.a.sardesai Avatar

    Namaskar Mandarji !

    I request updates about arrival of Shri.Jagannathji in Pune. Can you please inform ?

    With Regards,

  5. mohan dalpatram tailor Avatar
    mohan dalpatram tailor

    as we are lucky that swami give us hint for life for what we are if you manage once in year for darshan of swami that will be great as on today swamiji is with us and ans. us what we need in dhany
    mohan tailor

  6. jitendra Pitale- Mumbai Avatar
    jitendra Pitale- Mumbai

    please mail me his contact address – i feel to meet him


    Dear Sir,
    I request updates about arrivel of shri swami in pune , can you please inform .

    Thanking You ,

    Rajesh Sonawane

  8. lalit jagannath gaikwad Avatar
    lalit jagannath gaikwad

    Kindly give me guruji’s address , I stay in Pune only , in chinchwad.
    Please do this for me want to take a Darshan of him once.

  9. lalit jagannath gaikwad Avatar
    lalit jagannath gaikwad
  10. Vijay Tawde Avatar
    Vijay Tawde

    Dear Mandar, you have a blessing of god to meet Swamiji. Very recently i accidently came across the book Narmade Har har..& i could not resist myself to read the great parikrama & experience.I request
    you to let me know the stay of Swamiji in Pune.
    Narmade har har !

    1. Vijay Tawde Avatar
      Vijay Tawde

      Dear Mandar,

      please mail us contact no. of Swamiji,or tha stay of Pune , to have darshan of the great deity.Please.

      1. Vijay Tawde Avatar
        Vijay Tawde

        my contact no.9004348810

  11. rohit Avatar

    Dear mandar Sir,
    Please give me Swamijis contact details….
    my mail address is rohit.patkar123@gmail.com.


  12. Dharmendra Nikumbh Avatar
    Dharmendra Nikumbh

    Dear Sir,
    Please give me kunte Swamijis contact details…

  13. Arvind Tangadi Avatar
    Arvind Tangadi

    Please let me know when can I meet Kunte Maharaj for Darshan. Also , let me know the venue as well.
    Arvind Tangadi

  14. H. D. Potdar Avatar

    Plz Mandar sir..
    I am requesting you to send me contact details of Jagannathji Kunte..
    He is already in pune..lives in shukravar peth..
    My email Id: hdpotdar199@gmail.com
    mob: 9579835084

  15. Rohit Shinde Avatar
    Rohit Shinde

    Jagannath Kunte is ” Bhondu ” , a fraud who maligning the pure field of spirituality. He is shrewd and a cunning businessman in the garb of a Sadhu. His Sanyas is a fraud , too. He does not observe any discipline of Sanays Dharma . He has made untenable and completely false claims in his books. His Parikramas are also questionable , to put it mildly. His books are fictional and do not reflect the reality of the man.

    In short , he is no where being a truly spiritual person. He is playing with the ” shradhda ” of people and cheating them. He does not have any level of Sadhana. He is a Shiromani among Bhondus. This is my honest opinion for him and his books and his fraudulent spirituality .

    1. suvidh Avatar


    2. Pradeep Chaitanya Avatar
      Pradeep Chaitanya

      Are Mitra.. Eka mahan yogyavishayi ase bolane changle naahi. Tula swatahala saadhanevishayi kahi mahiti aahe ka? Tyavishayl tula kahi mahiti nasavi mhanunach tu ase bolala asashil. Aree lakho lokanche (lokanche mhananyapeksha Saadhakaanche shraddhasthaan aahet te. Please ase kahihi mat vyakt karu nako.. Shubham Bhavatu !

    3. Vijay Gadge Avatar
      Vijay Gadge

      I am confuse Kunte swami is bhondu or not??? But I thik they have great sadhna but till today he cant left his ego. When I met him he was criticized only my sadhna and my Guru. They are really playing with others shraddha. They dont have right to play with othrs shraddha and guru. Actually I think he has not got supreme knowledge but he think that I have a lot of knowledge….Jagannath Kunte dont know about real adhyatm..

      1. Shona Avhad Avatar

        It seems you knows real adyatm. you fool man

    4. Chhaya M Avhad Avatar
      Chhaya M Avhad

      You really need to check yourself… If you dont have any knowledge about sadhak – sadhana, Guru – Shishya and atma – spirituality as well. Dont try to put your opinions with your baseless knowledge.

  16. Sheetal lokhande Avatar
    Sheetal lokhande

    Dear Sir,

    Pls give me contact no & address of Swami jagannath kunte. Pls i want to meet him.

  17. Sheetal lokhande Avatar
    Sheetal lokhande
  18. Kishor Joshi Avatar
    Kishor Joshi

    Mr. Rohit Shinde, thank you for your honest opinion about Jagannath Kunte Swami (on 14th Aug 2012). Can u pls. tell me the basis of our opinion? I think you must have met him & must have read his books.

    I have also met him several times & read all of his books. So it is not to criticise or challenge you but to request you not to criticise such a great & simple person without any reason. If anybody criticises him on his face then also he will not get angry on him as he is a saint who criticises himself. He has no ego. But we should take care while talking anything negative about such saints.

    How can u call him a cunning businessman? He doesn’t take a single paisa from others in the name of donation like others. He doesn’t sell anything. There are various so called Sadhus who will sell anything from photos, medicines, CDs & even Gomutra (Cow’s urine), Diksha & Kripa also!!! He only asks to buy some books, that too if you have any spiritual interest. There is a reason for that. You can go & ask him. He can tell you it in a better way.

    Then you said his Sanyaasa is fraud & he does not observe any discipline of Sanyaasa Dharma. What do you mean by this? What do you know about Sanyaasa & Sanyaasa Dharma which you think he is not observing? Pls. explain.

    Further you said, he has made untenable and completely false claims in his books, His books are fictional and do not reflect the reality of the man.. For ordinary men like us these claims are truly false & untenable like any fiction. But for an enlightened man like him it is not so. If we are ready to take some efforts we will find many such people around us.

    About his parikrama, you will find a certificate attached on the last page of Sadhanamast book.

    In the last paragraph you just concluded him as “Shiromani among Bhondus” & said he is not a spiritual man, he does not have any level of Sadhana etc. etc. How can one blame anybody like this? We can’t question anybody’s level of practice (sadhana) in practical world also without testing him. And you just declared him as Bondhu. He is not playing with the “shradhda” of people and in no way cheating them.

    All are requested if you want to know what kind of person he is, you should go & meet him personally (don’t make any +ve or –ve judgment in the first visit and don’t worry you don’t need to carry any gift or fruits or sweets with you also as he doesn’t need these things as he has taken true Sanyaasa, so there will be no cost for you), read his books (if you smell any business tactics in it also or don’t want to spend money then take it from others & then read. Later you will buy on your own). These books are worthy to read. You will realise what kind of Sadhus are there in the world & then see Kunte Swamiji. You will come to know the difference. He is so simple, honest & great person that you will become ready to become his disciple but we are not that fortunate as Kunte Swamiji is not interested in becoming Guru of anybody.

    After reading books go & meet him again. Ask whatever you want to ask without hesitation. You can question him anything which you may feel untenable & false in his books. He answers all your questions, if related to spirituality & in connection with anything printed in his books. And then you make your own judgment.

    I can write a book on him. But there is no need of that. I can only say he is just a man beyond words.

  19. nitin apte Avatar
    nitin apte

    dear kishor,
    you have aptly replied to the comments made by rohit shide. Well-reasoned and proper answers are given by you to all the allegations made by shri. rohit shinde. however with reference to your reply, though i share your feelings and thoughts, i would like to say that you need not reciprocate to such senseless comments made by shri. rohit shinde without any experience of the person about whom the comment is made. i think by reciprocating to such comments, we bring swamiji equivalent to the lowest level of politicians about whom repeatedly such controversies are published in news. i think such comments are to be ignored as swamiji, his grace, guidance and presence is to be felt and experienced. something beyond words i would say.
    its like the story of blind men and elephant written by chakradharswami. the person who does not have those sensesm may not understand what swamiji is. i will not like his memories and thoughts to be debated that too with somebody who does not perhaps understand anything about spirituality. such reckless comments are to be ignored. such comments shall never shake the faith of all of us in thousands, who have virtually enjoyed his presence and bliss.

    1. Kishor Joshi Avatar
      Kishor Joshi

      Dear Nitin

      I absolutely agree with you. Firstly when I read comments made by Mr. Rohit Shinde I also ignored them & had no thought of replying him as it happened in the life of all saints. There were many who had belief in them & there were thousands who criticized them. As said in one famous song – ‘Tu kaun hai tera naam hai kya Sitabhi yaha badnam hui’. It has happened in the past, happening in the present & will keep happening in future also. I know if Swamiji read such comments he will just laugh & will not say even a single word about it.

      But later I thought Mr. Rohit Shinde must have met Swamiji at least once, he must have read some or all of his books as these are evident from his comments. So this person must have some spiritual interest as he has taken some efforts in reading & meeting Swamiji. He must have some knowledge about spirituality, Sanyaasa etc. as he has used such words in his comments. Just because he criticizes Swamiji that doesn’t mean he is a not spiritual person. Even Changdeva had misconception about Dnyaneshwar Maharaj but later when he realized the greatness of Dnyaneshwar Maharaj he accepted his mistake & surrendered to him. In the life of many saints we can find such instances that a person who was their greatest critic in his earlier life turned into the greatest follower of them. So we really don’t understand the hidden potential of any person. Mr. Shinde may have such potentials. So I thought I must help him in understanding Swamiji.

      Again criticizing the great persons & saints requires lot of courage. Mr.Shinde has shown that courage if the comments made by him are actually honest, unbiased & unprejudiced. Assuming this I thought somebody should come forward to welcome this honest & courageous person. As Swamiji also says, ‘We should make Guru to someone only after examining him thoroughly’. (Guru sudhha tapasun ghyava). So Mr.Shinde may also be in search of his Guru. So to guide him in that direction I replied him. In the first paragraph of my reply to him I’ve made it very clear that I don’t want to challenge him or criticize him. If he has no spiritual interest then I am not interested in reciprocating his comments.

      And further, as you said, if his comments are really senseless, then in that case also for others who may rely on his comments & may lose the great opportunity to meet & enjoy bliss of Swamiji, I felt somebody should write the reality. So that his comments should not misguide anybody as saints like Swamiji are rare & have always been scarce. This is once in life opportunity for all.

      Now-a-days, as said by Mr. Rohit Shinde, there are so many bhondu (fraud) so called sadhus that today’s generation is running away from the spirituality. But if it keeps happening in future it will be a great loss of society. Western culture & life style has already dominated our nation. As said by Swami Sivananda – ‘Young men of the present day indiscriminately imitate the West and this results in their own ruin. It is all fashion, restaurants, hotels, dinners, dances, races and cinema. Their life ends in eating, drinking and procreating. That is all. No thought of God. No talk of God.’ And on the other side there is nobody to guide them properly. We do not have any Political leader like Prabhu Ramchandra, Raja Janak, Great Shivaji Maharaj or Acharya Chankaya etc. who will give proper direction to this young generation. And so called Sadhus are also looting this great nation of Saints & Rishis.

      In this scenario, there is one hope & that is Swami Jagannath Kuneji. Though he has no Ashram or any spiritual organization or temple but his man has guided, blessed & changed the life of thousands single handedly.

      So I really thank Mr. Rohit Shinde that he expresses his honest opinion which encourages me to write about Swamiji in the hope that my writing will encourage Mr. Shinde & others to go & take blessings of this living God. As Swamiji once told me, “You will have to ask me questions, in your own interest. I am here to answer you. But if you don’t I will not stop & will keep doing my work silently”.

      1. Rajendra Salunke Avatar
        Rajendra Salunke

        Dear Kishor Joshiji

        Good answer to the querry of Sh Shinde, but we can not stop such peoples, he will get answer thru NARMADA MAYYA only.

        Pl guide me on Narmada Parikrama- I also wanted to meet Swamiji…also pl let me know where I can meet swamiji these days..


  20. Kishor Joshi Avatar
    Kishor Joshi

    Dear Rajendra

    About Narmada Parikrama you will get proper guidence from Swamiji only.

    Swamiji has permanent place of residence. It is very hard to say where he is at this time. But you will find his contact details on the back side of cover page of all of his books. Number printed on them is 9890956695 or 9850956695. All those who want to take darshan of Swamiji pls call these numbers.


    Kishor B. Joshi

  21. Kishor Joshi Avatar
    Kishor Joshi

    Sorry Rajendra.

    Error in the first line of 2nd para. I wanted to type ‘Swamiji has no permanent place of residence.’ I typed wrongly ‘Swamiji has permanent place of residence’ Pls forgive.


    Kishor B. Joshi

  22. VIJAY Avatar

    JAI HO…………………..

  23. Nitin Inkane Avatar
    Nitin Inkane

    Hello Mandar,

    I am from Pune only and very much interested in meditation/yoga. Can you please give me conatct details of Shri Jagannath Kunte.

  24. Deepashree Avatar

    Hey Mandar, It’s really a nice article… I’d read all the books quite a few years ago . They are all just amazing.. He’s a very great person indeed

  25. Shubhada Gorhe Avatar
    Shubhada Gorhe

    I am Shubhada Gorhe. My hunband Mr.Dhananjay Gorhe wants to make Narmada Parikrama. We want to contact Jaggnath Kunte Swamiji. Where does he live ? Can I get his residential address? We want proper guidance from him about Narmada Parikrama.

    1. Shubhada Gorhe Avatar
      Shubhada Gorhe

      I am Shubhada Gorhe. My husband Mr.Dhananjay Gorhe wants to make Narmada Parikrama. We want to contact Jaggnath Kunte Swamiji. Where does he live ? Can I get his residential address? We want proper guidance from him about Narmada Parikrama.

      1. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

        Dear Shubhada,
        I will email you his contact details soon!


  26. Anand Avatar

    I attended a seminar in Kalwa 2 days ago, arranged by the famous Maths teacher Sharad Sir

    Swamaji is very intelligent , and honest
    he gave very good guidance
    felt happy to touch his feet !

  27. Miss Sangeeta Ramchandra Cherkar Avatar
    Miss Sangeeta Ramchandra Cherkar

    I will be happy if i will get chance to talk to Swamiji on phone and also his darshan. But what to do i am in mumbai and swamiji in pune.
    Also i want blessing from Swamiji & Maiya Narmada,

    1. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

      Dear Sangeeta Ji,
      I will email you Swamiji’s phone number, you can give it a try!


  28. Sujata Siddha Avatar

    Hi Mandar, is there any Philosophy club in Pune?..I am willing to join it , please guide… Thanks ,

    Sujata Siddha

    1. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

      Dear Sujata,
      Yes, some 4 years ago, I had founded Philosophy Club in Pune, which is still active. We keep on meeting and organizing discussions on various topics. I will send you an email for more details. The meetings are held at CoEP (government college of engineering, Pune, Shivaji Nagar)

  29. abhishek s. ghaisas Avatar
    abhishek s. ghaisas

    He’s para-natural n occult experiences are unbelievable for all. But one can surely imagine them while reading his books.
    The elaboration of Kundalini is very difficult, as one can’t do it without any experience. He is one of few who have achieved the Kundalini Yoga. Glories to him!

    1. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

      Dear Abhishek,
      I can understand what you mean by this.
      As you have rightly said, Kundalini Yoga is very difficult to experience and even more difficult to explain your experience to others!
      Jagannath Kunte ji is expert at both of these things!


  30. Prachee Avatar

    Hello Kishor Joshi Ji ,

    Can I get your contact no??


  31. Sanjyot Avatar

    A lecture was organised in our locality by a devotee of Swami Jagannath Kunte. Lecture was on Narmada Parikrama. Swami Jagannath Kunte is man with acid tongue. You may either like him or hate him there is no inbetween. I had seen him on ETV Marathi but did not know who he was then & interview was not repeated again. I read his books Narmada HAR HAR & Sadhna Mast. You just cannot keep your book Narmada Har Har down till you have not read it till last letter. Swami Kunte has written his spiritual experience but everyone will have different experience if one decides to walk on that path truthfully. Personally I did not think he is fraud & I have not spoken a single word with him other than question I asked him about Ashwatdhama which he had claimed to meet when he was doing Narmada Parikrama. Reply to my question was purchase my book you will know about it. Swami Kunte was smoking panama cigarette continuously. Maybe that why some people may think he is fraud. But I tell you its not a joke to do even one Narmada Parikrama & he has done four Parikrama’s. Swami Jagannath Kunte is unique saint or no saint.

    1. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

      Dear Sanjoyt,
      Thanks for sharing.
      I could meet him many times and was fortunate enough to had dialogue with him every time. As you have rightly said, he is unique, beyond our interpretation.


      1. Sanjyot Avatar

        If you listen to Jagannath Kunte ji’s interview on ETV you will understand he is talking about adhyatma.

        Swami ji who live as Mathdish & Peethadish have to follow rules prescribed by Shree Adi Shankaracharya Maharaj ji. For ordinary sanyasi that rules are not applicable. Means daily sandhya thrice, bath thrice, thrice puja of deities, GURU MANTRA jap & gayatri jap 1000 daily (if brahmin by birth) etc.

        If a sanyasi does not folloow his path he will get punished surely. Like all who don’t follow varnashram dharma.

        Rohit Shinde ji is attracted to sanaysi of Matha so they find such a ordinary sanyasi fraud. He is ordinary as he is not mathadish. But Kunte ji is realized soul. Request rohit ji to know about Siddha yoga & not go into individual study of particular sanyasi or sadak. Even rohit ji or anyone can realize self. Om.

  32. prashant patil Avatar
    prashant patil

    I wanted to meet kunte swamiji . can i i get his contact details ,phone no. or address ? if so any of knowing it plz reply me on following mail id.

  33. kalyani baldeo Avatar

    i want swamiji contact no pz can ny 1 gv it??????

  34. Shirin Avatar

    Dear Mandar,
    Thanks for writing an article on Swamiji. I had a chance to meet him and talk to him twice. He talked to me very frankly and I really felt as if we were/are connected. As mentioned by Sanjyot, he was smoking continuously. Normally I can’t stand the smell but in his presence I forgot about the cigarette. He is really beyond words.

    Best regards,

  35. Ashutosh Avatar

    If anybody wants to meet Swamiji , Vyakhyan( lecture) is arrnaged on 13th to15 th September 2014, in Renuka Swaroop Girls’ High School

  36. Ashutosh Avatar

    Timing of the Vyakhyan is- 6pm to 8 pm. Swamiji will talk on following subjects- Narmada Parikram- Mukta Anubhav, Adya Shankarachrya Kay Mhanale, Dharma ani Adhyatma

  37. kirank999@rediffmail.com Avatar

    Hi Milind,

    Can i know next when i can get a chance to meet swamiji for any lecture or anywhere in pune? IF you wish so can i get your contact number or address of swamiji?

    Thanks for your help.


  38. Vishal Avatar

    He is a great man rather a saint . Great disciple of Shree Shankar Maharaj and Swami Vasudevananda Saraswti . Till now I have read Nitya Niranjan and now reading Narmade Har Har !! What an awesome book he had written .The one who reads definitely feels like things are happening in front of him, He has a divine power but he will never accept that fact and even market himslef like other Television Babas and Sadhus do .People like him are rare to find now a days. He never expect that people should worship him .I am now a real fan of Kunte Swami and hope one day I could see and interact with him .

  39. S. Sapkar Avatar
    S. Sapkar

    if anybody has a soft copy of the book, “Narmade Har Har”, can you please send it to me on sapkars@gmail.com ?

  40. deshpandepj1307@gmail.com Avatar

    I am Prashant Deshpande from Nashik. I have read all the books of swamiji. All books and experiences are fantastic.
    Can I know the contact details of swamiji my email ids are as follows.

  41. Kishor B. Joshi Avatar
    Kishor B. Joshi

    Kunte Swamiji is in Chinchwad (Pune) now-a-days.

  42. veena Avatar

    may i get his residential address,i read all his book & wish to meet him

    1. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

      Dear Veena Ji,

      No idea about where Jagannath Kunte Swami is staying these days. If anyone else knows, I request to let us know; many people are asking for swami’s whereabouts.

      1. Subhash Jigare (mobile 9860045436) Avatar
        Subhash Jigare (mobile 9860045436)

        Dear Mandar, I am from Pune and would like to take darshana of Mr. Jagannathji. Please give me his contact address with telephone number

  43. Avadhoot Avatar

    Does anyone know where is Sir Jagannath Kunte? Earlier he used to be at Mr. Chunekar’s home in Kothrud however in few years could not met him, rather on Chunekar’s place also not available. Please advise where can meet him.

  44. Laxmikant Avatar

    Narmade har, felt xteremely sorry to Kunte mahraj or any1 by the short view my eyes/brain had in reading few of comments I read.As parikramaarthi …which we all are in this lyf_we have to find way 4 our sublimation instead of wasting time. I can’t read marathi-being gujarati.but I ve read shri Amrutlal Vegad’s books as well as Swami rang avadhootji ‘s books. If we walk for e1 20km on shore of Maiya..and meet white cloth clad ..sun tanned (black) frail groups with swollen knees..Greeting all with Narmade Har…we can not end up ourselves selfish ephemeral pest than the August souls they are. Narmade har…may god bless your parikramma. Narmade har.parmarlaxmikant@gmail.com

  45. ASHOK JOIL Avatar

    Dear Sir,

    I read Nityaniranjan & now reading Kalindi…..pls tell me kalindi book based on Shree. Jagannath Kunte or not ? pls reply

  46. Prajakta Avatar

    Can anyone give link for “NArmade Har Har”?

  47. Murlidhar Patange Avatar
    Murlidhar Patange

    I wish to meet Avadhutanand Swamiji (Jagannath Kunteji) for blessings. Can I get contact details and Swamiji’s present address ?? my mail id murlipatange@gmail.com.

  48. Subhash Jigare (mobile 9860045436) Avatar
    Subhash Jigare (mobile 9860045436)

    I am from Pune and would like to take darshana of Mr. Jagannathji. Please give me his contact address with telephone number

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