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  • Narmade har har- blend of mysticism and exceptional writing skills.

    Swami Jaganmath Kunte is well known to spiritual seekers through his books which describe his life as a seeker. As I have already mentioned earlier, my first interaction with Jagannath Kunte took place around four years ago when we wanted to organize his spiritual talk in government college of engineering, Pune. At that he had […]

  • Swami Jagannath Kunte not a fraud by Mr. Kishor Joshi

    A ┬ácontroversial comment was posted on one post by me on swami Jagannath Kunte. The post can be found at- http://www.mandarkaranjkar.com/jagannath-kunte/jagannath-kunte-a-man-beyond-words/ It received a large number of comments from many people and I also received many mails expressing the reaction about the post. I was thinking of replying the comment, but one of the readers, […]

  • Jagannath Kunte : A man beyond words

    I do not know if I know this strange man jagannath Kunte in so much details so as to write an article about him. But, one thing is sure, he is not a man of this world. He is made up of different salt. Some different aura. The first encounter I had with him when […]