Jagannath Kunte

Narmade har har- blend of mysticism and exceptional writing skills.

Swami Jaganmath Kunte is well known to spiritual seekers through his books which describe his life as a seeker. As I have already mentioned earlier, my first interaction with Jagannath Kunte took place around four years ago when we wanted to organize his spiritual talk in government college of engineering, Pune. At that he had carried his books along with him so that interested ones could purchase them. Somehow, i did not purchase the books at that time.

Narmade har har- A book written by Jagannath Kunte
Narmade har har- A book written by Jagannath Kunte

Later I got an opportunity to meet him through one of my lawyer friends who is a disciple of swamiji. We met him roughly thrice during a short span of two weeks. At that time, Jagannath Kunte swami again insisted that I should read his books. I bought all of his books that same day and started reading them.

To be mystic is a different thing and to be a good writer is another. All the books written. By Swamiji have a flow within them, his first book, narmade har har not being an exception.

Narmade har har- a book different than others.

What makes this book different than other spiritual books? The first thing is, there are very few books in Marathi language which are written by a mystic himself. In case of Hindi, we can get authentic literature written by saints like Kabir, dadu, Osho etc. English language also has a lot of mystic literature from mystics like Osho, J. Krishnamurthy, Kahlil Gibran etc. In contemporary Marathi language,  we rarely have this kind of literature.

Every good book has a certain balance maintained in it. At the same time, it should have a flow. Narmade har har has both of these qualities in it. Writing such a kind of book is not a cup of tea of casual writer. It needs hardcore author. The other way of getting this quality is spiritual grace. I guess it is the later which can be found abundantly  in the books of Jagannath Kunte swami.

One more point which if not covered, will leave this article incomplete is the honesty which can be felt while reading the book. Many spiritual books carry this blame of dishonesty. Throughout the book, Jagannath Kunte is extremely honest and humble. The topic of book is so complex that author can enjoy absolute freedom; freedom to brag, create episodes which have never taken place etc. Throughout the book, reader gets the feel that author is honest, truthful to his experiences.

A truly spiritual book inspires the readers, tell them if their way os correct or not and also reminds them that the path to be walked is long but not boring. I know many readers who have read the book and given the feedback that they got nothing after reading the book. By saying this, what they probably mean is, they got no theoretical knowledge or information. I firmly believe that spiritual books should not give any form of knowledge. A truly spiritual book has nothing to do with knowledge but it has everything to do with spiritual urge of the reader. It flames him up. It asks him to get up and start walking on the way. Jagannath Kunte and his book Narmade har har, both do this job of igniting seekers very well.

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Jagannath Kunte

Swami Jagannath Kunte not a fraud by Mr. Kishor Joshi

A  controversial comment was posted on one post by me on swami Jagannath Kunte. The post can be found at-

It received a large number of comments from many people and I also received many mails expressing the reaction about the post. I was thinking of replying the comment, but one of the readers, Mr. Kishor Joshi has replied very nicely to the comment posted. So, insted of me writing an article, I am posting the comment by Mr. Kishor Joshi about the claims made against Swami Jagannath Kunte.

Mr. Rohit Shinde, thank you for your honest opinion about Jagannath Kunte Swami (on 14th Aug 2012). Can u pls. tell me the basis of our opinion? I think you must have met him & must have read his books.

I have also met him several times & read all of his books. So it is not to criticise or challenge you but to request you not to criticize such a great & simple person without any reason. If anybody criticises him on his face then also he will not get angry on him as he is a saint who criticises himself. He has no ego. But we should take care while talking anything negative about such saints.

Jagannath Kunte Swami

How can u call Jagannath Kunte a cunning businessman? He doesn’t take a single paisa from others in the name of donation like others. He doesn’t sell anything. There are various so called Sadhus who will sell anything from photos, medicines, CDs & even Gomutra (Cow’s urine), Diksha & Kripa also!!! He only asks to buy some books, that too if you have any spiritual interest. There is a reason for that. You can go & ask him. He can tell you it in a better way.

Then you said his Sanyaasa is fraud & he does not observe any discipline of Sanyaasa Dharma. What do you mean by this? What do you know about Sanyaasa & Sanyaasa Dharma which you think he is not observing? Pls. explain.

Further you said, Jagannath Kunte has made untenable and completely false claims in his books, His books are fictional and do not reflect the reality of the man.. For ordinary men like us these claims are truly false & untenable like any fiction. But for an enlightened man like him it is not so. If we are ready to take some efforts we will find many such people around us.

About his parikrama, you will find a certificate attached on the last page of Sadhanamast book.

In the last paragraph you just concluded him as “Shiromani among Bhondus” & said he is not a spiritual man, he does not have any level of Sadhana etc. etc. How can one blame anybody like this? We can’t question anybody’s level of practice (sadhana) in practical world also without testing him. And you just declared him as Bondhu. He is not playing with the “shradhda” of people and in no way cheating them.

All are requested if you want to know what kind of person he is, you should go & meet him personally (don’t make any +ve or –ve judgment in the first visit and don’t worry you don’t need to carry any gift or fruits or sweets with you also as he doesn’t need these things as he has taken true Sanyaasa, so there will be no cost for you), read his books (if you smell any business tactics in it also or don’t want to spend money then take it from others & then read. Later you will buy on your own). These books are worthy to read. You will realise what kind of Sadhus are there in the world & then see Kunte Swamiji. You will come to know the difference. He is so simple, honest & great person that you will become ready to become his disciple but we are not that fortunate as Jagannath  Kunte Swamiji is not interested in becoming Guru of anybody.

After reading books go & meet him again. Ask whatever you want to ask without hesitation. You can question him anything which you may feel untenable & false in his books. He answers all your questions, if related to spirituality & in connection with anything printed in his books. And then you make your own judgment.

I can write a book on him. But there is no need of that. I can only say he is just a man beyond words.

By Kishor Joshi.

I thank Mr. Kishor Joshi for his affectionate, touching and realistic comment on the claims against Swami Jagannath Kunte.

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Jagannath Kunte

Jagannath Kunte : A man beyond words

I do not know if I know this strange man jagannath Kunte in so much details so as to write an article about him. But, one thing is sure, he is not a man of this world. He is made up of different salt. Some different aura.

Jagannath Kunte

The first encounter I had with him when I was working as secretary of Philosophy Club. A lecture was to be arranged and I thought he was the best person we could invite. From somewhere i got his number and he answered the call. He came for the lecture without asking for even a single Rupee.

Later on, Jagannath Kunte was not at all a part of my life. I was quite buisy reading different books and other stuff. In last week, I again got a chance to meet him. I in the very first visit, bought all the six books written by him and to be honest, could not put down the first book Narmade Har Har and finished it hurriedly.

Apart from reading the books, I got opportunity to watch him from a closer distance. And, certainly, he is extra ordinary. His eyes are innocent and frank. His being is truthful. It confirms my belief that Swami jagannath Kunte is certainly not a man of this world.

I have read about many saints who were full of grace. After visiting Jagannath Kunte, I can say that I have seen one of them.



I kept on meeting Swami Jagannath Kunte after this meeting. I was fortunate enough to be able to meet him 4-5 times after that. In the consecutive meetings, he asked me to read all of his books, which I certainly did. Here is a post which I have written about his famous book, Narmade Har Har-

Narmade Har Har- Exceptional blend of mysticism and writing skills

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