Narmade har har- blend of mysticism and exceptional writing skills.

Swami Jaganmath Kunte is well known to spiritual seekers through his books which describe his life as a seeker. As I have already mentioned earlier, my first interaction with Jagannath Kunte took place around four years ago when we wanted to organize his spiritual talk in government college of engineering, Pune. At that he had carried his books along with him so that interested ones could purchase them. Somehow, i did not purchase the books at that time.

Narmade har har- A book written by Jagannath Kunte
Narmade har har- A book written by Jagannath Kunte

Later I got an opportunity to meet him through one of my lawyer friends who is a disciple of swamiji. We met him roughly thrice during a short span of two weeks. At that time, Jagannath Kunte swami again insisted that I should read his books. I bought all of his books that same day and started reading them.

To be mystic is a different thing and to be a good writer is another. All the books written. By Swamiji have a flow within them, his first book, narmade har har not being an exception.

Narmade har har- a book different than others.

What makes this book different than other spiritual books? The first thing is, there are very few books in Marathi language which are written by a mystic himself. In case of Hindi, we can get authentic literature written by saints like Kabir, dadu, Osho etc. English language also has a lot of mystic literature from mystics like Osho, J. Krishnamurthy, Kahlil Gibran etc. In contemporary Marathi language,  we rarely have this kind of literature.

Every good book has a certain balance maintained in it. At the same time, it should have a flow. Narmade har har has both of these qualities in it. Writing such a kind of book is not a cup of tea of casual writer. It needs hardcore author. The other way of getting this quality is spiritual grace. I guess it is the later which can be found abundantly  in the books of Jagannath Kunte swami.

One more point which if not covered, will leave this article incomplete is the honesty which can be felt while reading the book. Many spiritual books carry this blame of dishonesty. Throughout the book, Jagannath Kunte is extremely honest and humble. The topic of book is so complex that author can enjoy absolute freedom; freedom to brag, create episodes which have never taken place etc. Throughout the book, reader gets the feel that author is honest, truthful to his experiences.

A truly spiritual book inspires the readers, tell them if their way os correct or not and also reminds them that the path to be walked is long but not boring. I know many readers who have read the book and given the feedback that they got nothing after reading the book. By saying this, what they probably mean is, they got no theoretical knowledge or information. I firmly believe that spiritual books should not give any form of knowledge. A truly spiritual book has nothing to do with knowledge but it has everything to do with spiritual urge of the reader. It flames him up. It asks him to get up and start walking on the way. Jagannath Kunte and his book Narmade har har, both do this job of igniting seekers very well.

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4 responses to “Narmade har har- blend of mysticism and exceptional writing skills.”

  1. Ganesh Avatar

    Great post.

    Whatever we say about Swamiji (Shri Avdhootanandji) would be less.

    Narmade Har Har book is highly inspirational. This news ( is live example of inspiration from this book.

    I always discover new things while reading this book and find this book ever new as many times I read it. I do “parayans” of this book when I feel low or lost. Amazing book. After reading this book, I got to know about Swami Muktananda’s Play of Consciousness.

    I wish to read other books of Swamiji – mainly Sadhanamast.

    Narmade ss Har Har !!!!

  2. Madhura Avatar

    This book is certainly good but I would suggest you to read a book Narmade Har written by Mr. R.R.Gune. Kunte Swami had taken inspiration of doing Narmada parikrama from Narmade Har…(He mentioned it in his interview with Raju Parulekar).

    Mr. R.R.Gune had done parikrama in the year 1985 and its a beautiful travelogue .

    This book is available on right now.

    1. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

      Hello Madhura!
      Thanks for your comment and suggesting a new book. I will certainly read the book and if possible, write a post on it!

      Thanks again

  3. sanjay chandrakant ajegaonkar Avatar
    sanjay chandrakant ajegaonkar

    i just read narmade har in a single day. started on 8.00 am and completed on evening. The flow of writing is very good. I think we shall meet to Mr. kunte swamii to know him very deeply. I want to meet him at the earliest.

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