Ghalib- Submerged in the sorrow

The most striking topics which Ghalib handled in his poetry were love and spirituality. In general common reader does not come across a Ghalib completely submerged in his pain. But, if we read more, Ghalib was really submerged in his pain. Though his life was full of sorrow, he never had an attitude of a coward or tired one. Ghalib was always welcoming more and more sorrow. Even Ghalib, in one of his couplets says to god-

Send how much sorrows you want to……

My jug of Wine is also unlimited……

Ghalib had his father dead when he was four years old. His loving uncle died when he was 12 years old. Ghalib had a fixed annual pension of Rs.10,000, but this to was cunningly cut down by his wicked cousins to an amount of Rs.500 per annum. Ghalib had many debts to pay. He was once charged in the court for not refunding the money which he had taken.

Family life of Ghalib was also very tiresome. He had seven children, all of them died before completing their two years.  So, the couple adopted a niece and unfortunately, the poor niece also died.

It is said that joy is very superfluous, sorrow gives us the depth. It is said that the sorrow compells us to contemplate. Ghalib has tremendous sorrows in his life, which made him to think about the very basic questions of the human existence. The most striking thing abourt Ghalib is that he drank all of his sorrow with the same love which he had for wine.

It is said that sorrow is the fire which brings shine to the gold within a human. I think, this sorrow has given the birth to the Ghalib, who loved the life so much with its totality.

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  1. wanderer Avatar

    I have been reading Ghalib shayaris…and ave written a couple of poems inspired from few of his master pieces.

    Come along and join us to think beyond…visit the link
    and share your own imagination triggered by the image…the comment section is waiting for you….

  2. Dalvinder Basi Avatar
    Dalvinder Basi

    Sorrow and grief are always in Ghalibs poetry and understood by anyone who reads his work.Contrary to the article by the author.
    Very good article in general. Just some advice, the use of the word “the” in your article is not required in English grammar, as you have used it in this article. It is used where it is appropriate.
    Enjoyed the article. Thanks.

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