Ghalib- the master of expression

One of the most famous personalities that the world of poetry has seen, is Mirza Ghalib. Very few poets have got the dignity and respect which Ghalib has got. Ghalib is among the most aprpreciated poets in the whole world. Many people have wasted their lives to study his works and at the end, so subtle was his pen, that they accepted it, that even by implementing the whole life to get meaning out of his poems, they are still not sure if they have got right meaning or not.

Ghalib- A master of expression

But, this Ghalib was condemned a lot for the two things-

1. Complexity of his poems and,

2. Plagiarism.

One of the contemporary poet even criticized Ghalib saying that only god and Ghalib himself understands the meaning of his poems and then, what is the fun of writing such poems which cannot be understood by other? Ghalib was also justified when he was creating complex poetry. Poetry is not like an entertainment show. It is a dialogue between intellects. So, the poet has a total right of demanding this ability from his reader. He has full freedom of keeping his poems away from those who cannot understand the subtle flavor in it.

The second blame is quite serious. But, the blame is generally concerned about the ideas of other poets being stolen by Ghalib in some of his poems. This blame is also useless because, all the ideas have been expressed before in one or another form. The skill of poet lies in expression of idea. As far as this expression of an idea is concerned, Ghalib can be considered as the highest peak the field of poetry has ever encountered.







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