God also needs publicity

A very famous and reputed industrialist was a firm opponent of advertising. It was his very firm opinion that quality matters, publicity is needed by those whole quality is a subject of doubt. Many advertising agencies tried hard to convince him of advantages of advertising, but he never considered.

One executive of some advertising firm was firm that somehow he will compel the industrialist to publish his add in the newspaper. So, one morning, when the industrialist was wandering in his garden, the executive just entered the garden and started praising the flowers. The industrialist much pleased by this praise of his flowers, asked the gentle man who he was. The executive said that he was just on a walk and came across the garden and flattered that it was the best personal garden he had ever seen.

After general talk for some time, the industrialist asked the executive about his profession. The executive answered that he worked with an advertising firm. The industrialist turned upset after getting this information. But, he asked the executive. “are these advertises needed by the one who his firm of his quality? ” At the same time, bells from the church started ringing. The executive said, “What is this Sir? Nothing but an advertise. People forget very quickly. Even god needs an advertise.”

And yes. It’s totally right. If there were no priests and fathers to advertise god, perhaps we would have forgotten the poor fellow. Yes, God also, in his own world, needs advertising.







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  1. Mehta Sanket Avatar
    Mehta Sanket

    ek number mandar.. bhari story ahe..

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