God is in search of you….

Man for thousands of years is in search of the god. The man’s thirst for this god or this eternal truth is quite old one. In spite of this thirst, man has not been able to get even the glimpse of what god is. So, man started using idols which gave him a false relief, that god is with him; god is watching him without fail.

God is in search of you

If we look at the situation honestly, man’s search was never authentic one. If he was troubled a lot with mundane worries, beaten badly by sorrows, he would go for the god. In western countries, situation was a bit different. People were so much available to pleasures of the life that it brought certain hollowness. It was a long time illusion that pleasure satisfies. But, people who have enjoyed pleasures in extremities tell that, it just brings hollowness. So, it is a fact that we need god only when we want to change the situation and to remove the hollowness.

There are certainly some mad people who long for divine without any reason. Things cannot be different way. They cannot stop loving. It just oozes out. It is said that god himself is in search of such lovers; more than they are in search of him. God longs more for his devotees than they long for him. God has a more burning search for such lovers.

Even if man shows an indication, god comes forward. But the tragedy of human beings is that we can’t even give an indication, we cannot even walk a step forward. And only that much is needed. Just a step from you, and he will come thousand steps ahead to catch you….He is in search of you…..





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