Is there any progress?

A well accepted concept is that, in each and every field, there is a progress, rather a gradual change. If we have a look at the things around us, we can easily point it out, that yes, things are gradually making a progress. This rule of progress has been applied also to the journey of humans.

Human Progress?

When this rule is applied to physical progress of human beings, it is what we call as ‘Theory of Evolution’ as proposed by Charles Darwin. This concept actually explains what human evolution is as far as physical aspects are taken into the consideration. The question which was haunting me for a long time is-

“Can theory of human evolution be applied to psychological or spiritual progress of human being?”

At the start, it seems to be very simple phenomenon. We strongly believe that we are making a progress time by time. All these illusions of mine were shattered when I read a book from one of the most profound thinkers of this world, J. Krishnamurti. Krishanmurti firmly believes that there is no progress made by human beings in psychological and spiritual sense. In other words, it means that we are spiritually as backward as we were thousands of years ago.

At first, this thought of Krishnamurti ji seems quite off-beat and contradictory. But when I started to think upon it, I came to know what Krishamurti ji is saying. We have failed totally to free ourselves of our desires. If there would have been any progress, a progress on psychological level, human beings would have been able to free themselves of these desires. They would have been successful in at least reducing the intensity of these desires. When I look at surrounding scenario, I see how right Krishnamurti Ji is. We have not conquered our desires, but we have made quite a significant progress in polishing the means we use to express and fulfill our desires. The game of power, lust, hatred, jealousy which was running thousands of years ago in human minds, is still running; in a very polished way; where desires, ego, hatred are propagated under the banner of world peace, love and awareness. Are we really making any progress?







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