Isha Upnishad and the concept of Avidya

Upnishads can be considered as one of the greatest source of wisdom. Upnishads are very analytical in nature. They are very much condensed in the form. One of the most loved Upnishads of all the times is, Isha Upnishad.

The beauty of Isha Upnishad is, it accepts the contradictions. Isha Upnishad accepts unity of the whole cosmos and at the same time uniqueness of each one. Isha Upnishad gives us the insight which tells us how harmonious the contradictions are. The ultimate being is one. But, we never experience being one while living our life. Rather, while living life, we live it with such a competitiveness as if we are opponents of each other.

Isha Upnishad accepts the unity of all the beings and also speaks of the difference in their becoming.  The very first Sutra of Isha Upnishad is-

All this is for the habitation by the Lord, whatsoever is individual universe of movement in the universal motion.

Isha Upnishad says that this whole world is there for just habitation of the consciousness. Each and every movement is just for the purpose of the habitation. In short, it means that each and everything is nothing but the same consciousness. Each and every human being is nothing but the same consciousness. Just as waves if the sea are nothing but the sea itself, all the creatures are nothing but the same divine consciousness.

Now, then why we are fighting with each other? Why we become possessive? If we are the divine ourselves, then why this competition? Isha Upnishad says that the reason is Ignorance, that is, Avidya. Avidya is nothing but the ignorance that we are different. Avidya is the basic reason which makes us forget our original nature.

Removing this ignorance and coming back to or rather just remembering our true nature is Vidya, that is, Wisdom……





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