Let us talk something substantial!

While having a wonderful discussion with some of the friends, I uttered out a sentence. The sentence was-
” The best way to make people silent is to ask them something substantial “
At that time, I was taken aback. I made the statement very casually but it is a valuable statement. Not only that, it can be used very well while dealing with people who are otherwise difficult to be dealt with
In life, we come across many situations where it becomes absolutely difficult to just stand someone. At all such occasions, this strategy has helped me a lot.
Apart from the strategy, why this is so? Such behavior arises out of following fact, which again holds true for all the people around us-
Man speaks 99% rubbish to avoid speaking 1% truth.
So true this statement is. All of our efforts are to avoid the truth. We celebrate fallacies to avoid truth. I remember someone adkong Osho why he has spoken so much, on different topics. osho says, hunans are always neglecting the truthif it is told plainly. Hence, he has to make ao many stories, anecdotes. Thats why he spoke on so many mystics and their works.
As osho says, if man is open enough, even one word is enough to make him realize the truth.  It is very easy to wake up a person who is really sleeping but same is almost impossible if the person makes a show if sleeping.
Hence, people arebalways found talking nonsense, listening to nonsense. It is very difficult write, speak or even listen and read something which is substantial






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