Make it simpler…….

With very much of efforts,I got a book which I wanted to read and was searching for it for an year.The book is,”Thus spoke Zarathustra’,written by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.One thing I love about the book is that it is simple…so simple that even a child can read and understand it.

The book speaks about a metaphor of camel,lion and child.This transformation from camel to lion and then from lion to child simplifies the whole spiritual journey.The camel represents the very initial stage-the stage of carrying all the burdens,dogmas,traditions,beliefs.Then comes the lion,who rebels against all this.The most lovely point is that the lion is king.He has everything with him.Then why the child?And I love the explanation given in the book-‘For child is the sacred yes to the game of creation’ .This metaphor has simplified the complicated journey and has made it very very simple(as far as understanding part is concerned.)

I think,this is need of time-make the things simpler and lucid rather than complicated and bulky.



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