Osho in a nude bar!

Yesterday, while reading a book by Osho himself, I came to know a very wonderful incidence in his life. Osho, when he was in Mumbai was travelling with his friend in a car. As they were going, the friend of Osho, just in fun stopped the car in front of a nude bar and asked if they can visit it.He thought as traditional saints used to, Osho will be angry and will immediately discard the idea. But Osho said that it was fine with him to visit a bistro. The friend was out of his senses after hearing this reply and started the car. Osho immediately got out of the car and asked his friend to follow him.


Osho was very famous at that times and all people there recognized him. The naked girl stopped her dance and touched the feet of Osho. Osho asked her to not to stop the dance. Manager came with a special seat with him and asked Osho what he could do for him. Osho said, “Why make so much fuss about it? I am just an ordinary Buddha. Just bring ice cream.” Osho says his friend was perspiring in air conditioned Hotel.

This was the beauty of the person. His holiness was not against anything. He accepted everything that was happening. He had no hatred towards the people dancing in the bistro. They were not sinister. Just as other human beings, they were also human beings. Other saints might have avoided to go to such a place. Osho’s Buddhahood remained intact in a nude bar also!






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  1. baawra Avatar

    Mandar ! its a beatiful story of this beatiful persona called Osho.
    I love to read him and i love him. No words to express gratitude towards him but the world never paid any attention when he was alive !
    Buddha passed by …. and we remain blind, deaf and dumb as usual…

    love …

    1. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

      Thank you!
      Osho was indeed beautiful!
      I am happy to receive appreciation from a friend of Osho!

  2. Swami Mukul Avatar

    Beloved Mandar,
    Osho is my guru and I am very happy to read this article by you.
    There are many tales about Osho and all are so rebellious that they were not to be understood by the average human intelligence.
    The world needs people who can understand him and … whatever blah blah blah…
    I am very happy..blessed.
    and blessings for you..

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