Osho Zen Gardens ……

Zen means the flow of nature. Zen means being one with the nature. Zen gardens are such opportunities where one can see nature very closely, can feel nature in every breath and can witness things those go on happening in the nature. Zen master Osho had a very special love for such gardens and the outcome is Osho Zen Gardens located at Pune.

After staying in this city of Pune for about three years, 3 days ago I got  a chance to visit Osho Zen Gardens. I could soon feel that I was very close to nature, with all curtains in between removed. The dance of Bamboos, play of birds, Wandering insects, flowing water and fallen leaves. Everything was in flow with nature.

While roaming at Osho Zen Gardens, one of my friends really felt that this was a nice place for study, totally submerged in peace. I accept that it is a nice place to study but it is my personal opinion that  such places, at least such places should be kept away from worldly things. Later, both of us agreed that a place like Osho Zen Gardens is in existence to take you closer to nature, to trigger a deep realization in you just by witnessing the processes there. If we take our minds along with them and go on studying there, we are closing our doors for all the natural  instincts that can be triggered by that place.

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