Sabarimala controversy and Jaymala

The very nature of Human beings is that of dominating the others. Males have dominated women for thousands of years. Males somehow have managed to prove themselves a plane higher than the women. From the very old times, rituals are being practiced which are much more humiliating in nature and much harmful to the dignity of women than current Sabarimala issue.


The current issue is the controversy of Sabarimala temple. The question mainly focuses on the entry of menstruating women in the holy places. The people who are supporting this ban are raising lame excuses such as sanity of the temple. The first thing to note is that, these temples are the ugliest places that can ever be found in this world. The costumes which one has to wear compulsorily do not imply any hygienic cause; rather it is nothing but a way to rob the visitors. Sabarimala and almost all the religious shrines make it compulsory that you remove your clothes and wear those provided by the temple authority, for which visitors have to pay. These clothes many a times are most unhygienic.  Today with the rise in sanitary provisions, menstruation is not at all unhygienic. So, this excuse is totally a lame one.

The one group of supporters says that those who do not agree with these rules, are free to form a sect worshipping lord Ayappa which allows entry to menstruating women. This statement purely indicates dictatorship. Sbarimala shrine or any shrine is a medium to unite people. If the same medium is being used as a weapon to divide the people, I think it will be even better rather to close the temple. People who do not agree with these rules can form a new sect, but the unfortunate part is that, Sabarimala or any other temple authorities are not willing to change themselves according to the time. This attitude is nothing but dictatorship. If authorities maintain such a stand on these issues, I think, number of sensible people going to such places will reduce drastically.

In the previous days, reaching the shrine was a herculean task. Transport facilities were poor. Most of the holy places were situated on the top of some mountain and it was difficult for the women to reach the temples. Today, the situation is totally different. Facilities right up to the choppers are made available to the visitors. Thinking logically, we can find no reason for which entry of women should be barred from such shrines. The most important thing is that, the devotion of its followers is power of any religion. If holy temples like Sabarimala do not adopt themselves with time, I think, though the number of followers will remain the same, the trust, the faith, the inner love which followers had, will be lost.






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