Spirituality : A boon for the lames….

Spirituality has been considered as the boon for the whole living beings. To be spiritual is considered as the highest possible achievement. I am in Nagpur enjoying my vacation. Yesterday, late night, at one Xpress Coffee, my all the notions about spirituality were revolutionized.


A Man, with long hairs, who is generally addressed as Baba comes to the Coffee shop regularly. Yesterday also he came, and was compelling us to attain some spiritual assembly where his Guru or Master was going to tell people about their past lives. It sounded quite interesting to me. I inquired further. He said that his master is going to distribute his energy to all those who will be present. This master will be acting as a source of infinite energy. The Baba said, that all the problems in life are due to the fact that we lack this’Infinite Super Cosmic Energy.’ Charges for attending the assembly were from 10,000 to 15,000.

I laughed on the face of this spiritual man. This spirituality is for lame people. Those who cannot handle their worldly affairs on themselves, can they ever succeed in transcending the world?? The man who is so lame that he cannot even face the mundane problems,can he face the divine? It is alarming that spirituality has been associated with such foolish things only. Spirituality has become the game of lames, the game of cowards.

The most saddening part is that, we were standing in a group of four. Three of us were in total agreement with what Baba said……





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