The Lao- Tsu way

Lao Tsu, one of the most loved mystics of all the times, had described the behavior of the one who is in search of the truth. There are many mystics who have described how the behavior of a seeker should be, but the one given by Lao Tsu is unbeatable.

Lao Tsu says, “Imagine a very cold and furious stream of water and you are walking in it against the flow. This is how you should be.”

This statement is worth understanding. First of all, the stream is very cold. So, you cannot walk slowly. If you are slow, you will be chilled to the death. So, you have to be very fast and flexible and very dynamic. At the same time, the stream is furious and you are going against the flow. If you try to go fast without having a firm grip, within moments you will be carried away by the flow.

So, you should be good at both. You should be fast and at the same time, very firm, very stable. The one, who is dynamic and yet aware and firm, is the one who actually knows how to walk. The whole approach of Lao Tsu was based on this art- Be fast and at the same time be alert and be conscious.






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