The man of truth is always hurt….

The rule of monopoly holds true also in the society. The society takes care of the people who are like others. If you stand out, you are going to be hurt. A man of truth, in the society, is always hurt. Society has some definitions of the suitable person. If you do not fit in it, you are going to be in the trouble.

The first rule is, you should never point out the truth, because truth is the greatest offender. People like to live in the lies. Lies are full of warmth. Truth is bitter, like a cold breeze entering the window. It shows you reality, it shows you how things are. And this is what hurts people. People never like to know the reality.

Society can not afford if you are independent of society. That is the reason why society hates Jesus. They simply can not believe and tolerate that someone can be so much happy without being dependent on the society. So, Jesus has to be crucified.

A man of truth cannot have any relationship in this world. Rather, worldly people will not allow the man of truth any relationship. It should always be taken care of that he is hurt. Yes, truth hurts and society tries to hurt the man of truth. It is like, while doing surgery, the doctor causes the pain, so you kill the doctor!

But, yes, the truth is, man of truth can never be hurt,  though society feels that he is. He may look like hurt, inside, he is laughing just like a small baby….







3 responses to “The man of truth is always hurt….”

  1. Vikram Wankhade Avatar
    Vikram Wankhade

    I agree…. But what is d solution… ???

    1. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

      Solution is, but no one is ready to implement it… 🙂

  2. john Avatar

    so true my friend

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