The very purpose of art…….

This is a very common tendency always found in everyone-the tendency of finding purpose.It will not be an exaggeration to say that all sadness, all trauma comes out of this disease-the disease of finding purpose. On the same lines, I had heated discussions among my friend, that what is the purpose of all arts. As expected, the replies were fantastic-to showcase one’s talent;to entertain people;to make people to forget their worries and one which I by mistake thought most sensible is-Self discovery…….

Up to now, I believed that the true purpose behind all the arts was self realization or self exploration and it is really a true one.The art of an artist who plays only for himself, who dives within himself certainly has a much grace as compared to one who thinks that art is for entertaining people. For an artist, self exploration is the highest purpose of his art BUT for a mystic, his art is purposeless……as purposeless as a rose flower…..or as purposeless as whole universe.

If an artist’s art has a purpose, it simply means that journey is not important for him……that’s why he looks for a purpose..for an artist who transforms to a mystic, the journey is so blissful that he is not at all bothered  about purpose….the journey is really enough. The real purpose of art is to bring you to the conclusion that it is purposeless……A purposeless drawing……by mandar karanjkar



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  1. निखिल बेल्लारीकर Avatar

    In the absence of realization that the journey itself is the purpose, what you say rings true. And how & when such a realization dawns on oneself is hard to say. But, to have such an epiphany, in my opinion, one must have exhausted the experiences that can ever be had humanly. Veracity of this statement, if verified, is hard to prove, I believe.Anyways, good to read such an insightful article. I do agree with you, more so since

    I am in full agreement with you that this substituting point estimate(purpose) for an interval estimate(journey)is wrong. But what prompt people to do so? simply because they don’t realize the importance of journey. Right you are.

    1. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar
      Mandar Karanjkar

      You are right, that it is impossible to prove this statement and also it is useless, because this fact can only be experienced and a being is transformed when he experiences this fact.As you said,one must have exhausted experiences that can ever be had humanly…you are right…..Thanks a lot!

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