Thoughts and Mind- A deeper Look

Many of the readers of my blog were much more confused than before after reading an articles about the functioning of  mind. So I am rather writing a new post to describe how mind actually works. The original article is –

Thoughts in the mind- Clouds in the Sky

The article says that thought are nothing but the clouds coming in the sky. They come and go. Just as sky is not affected by the clouds, neither it holds the colour of the clouds, mind should also must not attach itself with the thoughts.

Readers say that thoughts originate from the mind. So, how mind can be indifferent from the thoughts? My question is, there come thousands of thoughts in our mind. They come and go. Only those thoughts which are related to our mind are dealt with mind specially. It is said that human ,mind produces 22,000 thoughts per day. We even do not notice atleast 20, 000 thoughts. We notice other and unify our mind with thoughts it means, we are unable to maintain distance. Readers say that it is very basic nature of mind to be attached with the thoughts. Then mind should attach itself with all those 22, 000 thoughts. But it does not happens so. This means mind also has an ability of keeping distance. And what Tilopa says is, just as you maintain distance from thoughts which does not touch you, in the same way, you should be able to maintain distance from thoughts along with which you attach your mind.

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3 responses to “Thoughts and Mind- A deeper Look”

  1. dipti Avatar

    we do nt associate wid all d 22000 thoughts becoz much of d thnkn is goin subconsciously….we thnk without being actually aware of it….bt d origin is 1 n d same….mind!!! n if we stop associating wid all our thoughts we wnt b able to function properly… i mean u need a mind’s order for evn getting up in d morning , doin the most basic daily chores n much more….wat r these orders? nthn bt thoughts…..if we distance from them hw will we carry on evrythn d way we do?? it is in fact d different kinds of minds that infuence what different people thnk….u just cannot take somethng away from its origin….

  2. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

    Yes. If we stop thinking we will go mad. But I am not asing to stop thinking. What I say is, just as cloud come and go, allow the thougts to some and go. Why to imagine a future with them?Why to think as it is nature of the mind?
    Even many thoughts come in conscious mind but we do not associate mind with them. Today we have a sad thought, after some days we again become happy…what we get from this? That, as time passes, we manage to create difference. My point is that, with the help of meditation, we can keep this distance the very moment the thought occurs. If u can ordinarily manage to keep distance with the passage of time, you will be in a position to maintain a distance the very moment thought is born with a bit(?) of meditation…And when i watch something, i m creating a difference but I am not affecting the functioning of that thing. The same way, when we create the difference fro the thoughts, we are nt affecting or distorting them. So, this wont even result in mental breakdown or something like that
    And most important!!! Thanks a lot for taking so much interest!! 🙂

  3. dipti Avatar

    hmmm….got it!!!! 🙂

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