We love our sorrows

Life is as we say, full of sorrows. Life, as we all say, has mountains of sorrows in it. Life, as we all say, is cruel. Life, as we all say, is biased. The statement with which everyone is in agreement is, life is full of sorrow. Everyone agrees with this at a particular moment in his life. But, I oppose. Life is not cruel, we are cruel to us. Life does not create sorrows, we create them. Life is not biased, but we are not total.

To be honest, we all love our sorrows; we all love our world of sorrows. We do not want to leave it. May be, sorrow gives a sort of comfort. May be, sorrow soothes our ego.

I have heard,

Ten laborer women were boasting about how much their husbands beat them, how cruelly husbands beat them.

A famous actor was telling with pride how he used to meet his days and night with a piece of bread.

Sorrow in life is most of the times self created. I will not say that accidents and earthquakes are self created. But, I would dare to say that affected people escaped from such calamities, love to live in the sorrow of the calamity. As far as all our relations are concerned, we create the sorrow. We love to live in the shell of sorrow. I say very firmly, if all the provisions are made to take care that a person is always happy, the person will die woth sorrow, tears in his eyes……….






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