Yeh Jo Halka Halka……

Paas Rehta Hai Duur Rehta Hai
Koi Dil Mein Zaroor Rehta Hai
Jab Say Dekha Hai Un Ki Aankhon Ko
Halka Halka Suroor Rehta Hai

(Near or away, certainly someone is living in the heart.Since I saw her eyes, what remains is a mild dilute intoxication.)

When I heard these words from famous sufi qawalli yeh jo halka halka first time from the famous Sufi Singer Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, I was in tears. I heard the Qawwali from start to end. For many months from that day, this song is haunting me. The same intoxication this song has left in my heart. This song, people may find erotic. To be honest, this is most religious song I have ever heard. This song is most delicate, most beautiful I have ever heard.

Sufi people treat god as a lover. They are in love with the god. This song talks about the intoxication caused by the eyes of lover. This is the wonder of eyes of god. What remains is a mild intoxication. The poet is not sure, where he lives. He just feels the mild intoxication. this mild intoxication is nothing but the presence. This beautiful song talks about the state of a god-lover. The beauty of the song is in the phrase halka halka, which means mild. The intoxication of god is always mild. it is a fragrance, a very dilute thing. never concentrated. I like this song because the poet had really experienced the intoxication. If he had not, he could never use the word halka or mild.






4 responses to “Yeh Jo Halka Halka……”

  1. chetan Avatar

    is this what that drink by eyes , by hear, but not completely.

  2. shridhar Avatar

    This qawwali by khansaab is one of the greatest song I hav ever heard. I m totally in luv wid it. Haunted completely since that day.And as poet says i also would like 2 ask ‘mere baad kisko sataoge’. Now i dnt even need to listen to the song. Everyday my mind reminds me of d song. Ustad himself sing that song in my ears. Great he is. Great. I bow to him.

  3. dakshayani Avatar

    can’t comment…..!you lived it! I am living it now!

  4. dakshayani Avatar

    Shridhar is true…..Someone sings that song for you….may be ustad…..maybe I myself….don’t know!

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