Detest the desires and get liberated!

A man used to live with his wife. His wife was much annoyed by her husband. The husband was really a very calm, quiet and thoughtful person. The wife was irritated by his patience. One beautiful morning, the wife thought she should somehow kill this dumb person and get married to someone else.

To implement this plan, she offered her husband a cup of coffee with very slight dose of poison in it. Her plan was to offer little bit of poison every day so that he will be killed in a while. The husband was quite a saint like person. He did not like coffee. But, he was a very compassionate person. He thought that for the first time his wife was offering him something with so much of affection. So, he used to accept the cup. When the wife used to have her bath, he used to detest the coffee from the cup and put it again in the coffee vessel.

After a few months, the wife was dead.

The same story applies to all human desires. Do not be their slaves. At the same time, do not repress them or do not try to reject their existence. Be detached or in other words, detest the desires! Repressing the desires will not solve the issue. You will have to accept them and yet keep away from them. Till date, religions are telling continuously to suppress desires. Suppressing is not the way. To drop the desires, you will have to detest them!





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  1. Dakshayani Avatar

    Its difficult to drop what you have in hand and run behind the unknown.But we need to gather courage to gamble.Only when you give100% you can claim some % back…! I feel we need to dive in and then see what actually happens- offcourse all will have to be done individually and alone……simply courage of ending yourself may be to find an endless existence.

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