Dohe of Kabir #3

तिनका कबहू न निन्दिये, जो पाव तले होय

कबहू उद् आंखो पडे, पीर घानेरी होय…

Kabir is very special. Kabir is unique. Dohe of Kabir are are even more special. It is ocean of wisdom condensed in two lines. Kabir has his unique way of telling us the things.

In these two lines, Kabir tells, do not neglect anyone. Here, Kabir says that a small particle of dust lying at your feet should never be considered as substandard. In moments it can come up with the wind and can trouble you by entering your eyes. Though the meaning is very clear, one point to be understood is, Kabir is not asking you to respect your juniors because they can trouble you in future. The point is, all these things of superiority and inferiority are just momentous. There is noting to boast about it, at the same time, there is nothing which is inferior to you.

Many a times, we find people giving much respect to people junior to them. Most of the times, fear arises that this person if by any chance is needed by me in future, I must keep good business with  him. The respect is of no value if it comes out of such subtle fear. When all the walls of greatness and smallness fall down, when no distinction remains, a deep gratitude arises for everything in the existence. When Kabir says do not neglect a dust particle, it does not mean respect it out of fear. Kabir simply wants to say be grateful towards even smallest elements of existence.

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  1. Dakshayani Avatar

    Absolutely true! When we respect all particles in existence we become free of ‘complexes’- both superior and inferior!

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